Guess Lollapalooza 2010 Lineup

The folks over at Lollapalooza are making you work Wheel Of Fortune style to figure out their 2010 lineup. So far the “O”’s are provided. I think I spotted Bon Iver Hot Chip in there, but definitely no OOIOO. Test your puzzle skills/indie-rock knowledge at The festival’s scheduled for 8/6-8/8 in Grant Park, Chicago.

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  1. i think i see Spoon, and Chromeo

  2. I see Arcade Fire and The Strokes on Line 1.

  3. spoon! and is that the dodos down in line 11?

  4. Pearl Jam?

  5. i got arcade fire the strokes aswell

  6. Lady Gaga is third on top line…

  7. lady gaga is the third probably

  8. First row: Soundgarden, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Phoenix

    Hot Chip and Spoon are in there too.

  9. 1. soundgarden * green day * lady gaga * arcade fire * the strokes * phoenix
    2. _ O _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ O _ _ _ O _ * mgmt * _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ * hot chip * the black keys
    3. the national * spoon * devo * _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ * cut copy * the new pornographers
    4. gogol bordello * chromeo
    5. yeasayer * x japan
    6. matt & kim
    11. the dodos * hockey
    13. company of thieves

  10. line 5: dirty projectors, line 7: edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

  11. The New Pornographers, definitely.

  12. Oingo Boingo gets shut out again.

  13. 6. The xx
    18. Passion Pit

  14. 1st band on 2nd line = Social Distortion.

  15. 11th row: The Big Pink

  16. last band in the second line: The Black Keys (?)

  17. where is passion pit? i don’t see it.

  18. First line: Soundgarden, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Phoenix.
    Line two, fourth band: Bon Iver
    Line three, second band: Spoon
    Line five, fifth band: Dirty Projectors
    Line seven, first band: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    Line eleven, second band: The Dodos

    That’s what I got so far.

  19. line 15–4th in–The Morning Benders?

  20. They rarely have bands back two years in a row, so I doubt that’s Bon Iver on line 2. Hot Chip seems like a better bet.

  21. line 14: freelance whales

    also, didn’t bon iver “retire from touring?”

  22. Line 6, 3rd band: The xx

  23. line 9, #3-Tegan and Sara

  24. line 10: mumford & sons

  25. Tegan and Sara, line9? Maybe? I sure fucking hope so…

  26. DJ Section:

    First line, second artist: Empire Of The Sun
    Second line, first, third, and fifth artists: Felix Da Housecat, Erol Alkan, Flosstradamus
    Third line, first and third artists: Wolfgang Gartner, Mexican Institute Of Sound
    Fifth line, fourth artist: Rusko

    Also, I really want to know what that band is in the first group, the last line… it’s like 19 letters and has one “O” hahaha.

  27. They’ve guess at approx. 40 of them
    If you still want to play, don’t take a look!!

  28. line 3- grizzly bear?
    line 5- laura marling (maybe too high of a billing)
    line 8- deer tick or nada surf, girls
    line 12- the soft pack?

  29. of course I see Slightly Stoopid, one of the last bands I would ever want to see. 4th row, 1st one.

  30. line 6*- laura marling, sorry

  31. Self-Potato?

  32. I heard Bright Eyes was in here. I sure as hell hope so. with Spoon, the National, etc. It would be a great line up

  33. Line 5, all the way to the right: Mew? God I hope so.

  34. Line 8, fourth — Michael Jackson? ? *gasp!*

    But I’m pretty sure Line 3, first is The NatiOnal :D

  35. Bloc Party, Bon Iver, Caribou, Clogs, Dirty Projectors, Fuck Buttons, Hot Chip, Lotus Plaza, Mogwai, Mount Eerie, Mumford & Sons, The National, Phoenix, Rogue Wave, Spoon, The Dodos, The Morning Benders, The Strokes, Violens, Wolf Parade.

    Those are just guesses and a few fit in the same slots.

  36. MGMT is on there

  37. line 9, band 3: tegan and sara? and def mumford & sons and the dodos…this is frustrating.

  38. This is going to be a crazy festival.

  39. The xx on line six.

  40. and i keep clicking these stupid sidebar ads.

  41. line 1 nr. 4 could be bright eyes, not arcade fire.

  42. On line two i’m calling ABBA, o please o please o please

  43. i think i see cymbals eat guitars.

  44. 4th line second band: grizzly bear

  45. i think i’ll spin pat

  46. they didn’t even make it fillable in the site, which could make things easier.,

  47. Line 12 – The walkmen

  48. Soundgarden has just confirmed it in their website for agust 8th

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