Directed by Eric Wareheim. GREAT JOB as always.

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  1. this song is pleasing to the part of my brain that interprets music

  2. this is too awesome


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  5. pretty intense – probably my favorite thing he (Eric) has done

  6. Between this, Portishead’s last album, and any number of electronic bands sampling Goblin, I love how low-rent horror films are suddenly hipster chic.

  7. i believe billy valvo put it best when he said “wtf”

  8. Bloody good.

  9. Oouch!!. Eric Wareheim and Health should collaborate more. This is one of his best videos

  10. Dr. Steve Brule approves. For your HEALTH!!

  11. As I’ve said before (and will continue to do so), I won a red ticket when I bought Get Color and never got my prize. WTF indeed…On a more related note, I love this!

  12. Wow. Bloody good time!

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