Cold Mailman - Pull Yourself Together

The Spectacle were a Guy Debord-referencing, CrimethInc-associated Phil Elverum-beloved screamo band from Bodø, Norway. A couple months ago when Scott and I were in Oslo for by:Larm, someone told me about a pop band featuring a few members of the group, so we ventured out to a coffee shop to watch them. Cold Mailman includes the Spectacle’s guitarist Martin Bowitz, guitarist/bassist Torbjørn Hafnor, and bassist Martin Bowitz. Its Martin’s gentler, non-Spectacle brother Ivar, though, who functions as the main songwriter/lyricist. As I mentioned then, even with the coffee-shop sound, the group clearly wrote good songs (that left me wanting to hear more). The melodies are airy and immediate. The lyrics are playful (Thurston Moore references, a mind stuck in 2002) and downcast (fatal conversations…) without being overly melancholic. This new track, “Pull Yourself Together And Fall In Love With Me” is a great introduction to all of those things.

It’ll appear on the group’s sophomore album Relax, The Mountain Will Come To You, which follows 2008′s How To Escape Cause And Effect. (They’re fond of words.) September is a ways away, but “Pull Yourself Together…” is out today as a single. Kings Of Convenience fans may want to take note, but these guys (and gal) have the ability to ratchet up the rock.

The “Pull Yourself Together And Fall In Love With Me” single is out today via Kråkesølv/Diger. Relax, The Mountain Will Come To You is out in September. (Their label is indeed run by K, who played our by:Larm Showcase.) Hear more at MySpace. The “Pull Yourself Together…” cover art:

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