The National: Showered & Blue Blazered

MGMT hit the Coachella stage playing their generally freakier Congratulations material in relatively human clothing, which prompted me to posit an aesthetic axiom: The weirdness of MGMT’s music is inversely proportional to that of their clothes. GQ’s taking that to a further extreme with a fashion spread/feature they’ve titled “Rock The Suit,” putting your iPod into formalwear. There’s Andrew and Ben looking crisp and nearly office ready, the Walkmen and the Drums looking well tailored, and a fashionable recreation of Bonnaroo 2009’s David Byrne-curated stage with a shot of Santigold, St. Vincent, and the silver fox himself. And for that lead photo, GQ didn’t make a “showered and blue blazered” joke so I’ll do my best Joe Mande and take one for the team here: The National are showered and somewhat blue blazered. Check the threads at GQ.

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  1. enough

  2. C’mon now. Annie Clark, David Byrne, Andrew VanWyngarden, Jonathan Pierce aren’t exactly stretches in the dress-up department. Why not just throw in Karen Elson, Joanna Newsom and Julian Casablancas? On the other hand, get say, Dan Deacon, Titus Andronicus, Skerrit Bwoy, Damian from Fucked Up, and Harlem to dress up in $1500 suits. Then we’ll talk, GQ.

  3. Annie looks wonderful :-)

  4. the national look the same.

  5. Saw this feature this morning when I was browsing GQ. Assumed it was something about dressing models up like rock idols, because Ben from MGMT (who don’t like MGMT anymore) looked dead on like Elvis Costello!

  6. Nobody rocks the suit better than Andrew Bird…

  7. really digging Berninger’s beard. looks less crazy compared to last year at the Wiltern.

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