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  1. pretty good I think….?

  2. Sounds like it could be the opening track… there’s just an unfinished feeling to it.

    It’s a heck of a lot better than No I in Threesome!

    • could not disagree more. no I in threesome is one of the best interpol songs, despite how much everyone hates that album. the same thing happened to this band as did the strokes- suddenly they add some production (first imp of earth) and everyone gets on the hate train.

      that being said, this song sounds like a bside from any of their first 3 albums and is pretty disappointing.

      • On the contrary, I believe that the production value on Turn On The Bright Lights was significantly more well done than that of Antics or Our Love To Admire. Yes, perhaps the latter two albums were more polished, but TOTBL had a brilliant way of balancing reverb, delay, various other effects, as well as great mixing so that you discovered something new upon every listen. Also, I’d say that the songwriting on TOTBL was just plain better than that of OLTA.
        But it’s a matter of opinion, I suppose.

      • First Impressions of Earth is a horrible album. It can’t even be put in the same realm as “Is this it” or “Room on Fire”. It’s pretty much the same case for INTERPOL. Nothing they have put out even compares to their first. I really don’t care. I can still listen to that album on repeat and feel freaking amazing…

  3. I’m a huge Interpol fan but parts of this song sound suspiciously like the Killers “All the Pretty Faces.” It’s obvious in the first 3 seconds of the song. I don’t want to bash them because they are a great band, but I feel kind of let down by this one.

  4. i dont want to bash you cuz you like the killers but i feel let down by your comment. dont feel bad, i like barenaked ladies.

  5. im slightly confused, but that honestly dont take much lol

  6. I’ve heard this song several times now and I really like what I’m hearing. I always love the slower atmospheric Interpol songs that seem to build as they go along. This new song reminds me of ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ from OLTA and I also can’t help but compare it to the classic ‘NYC’ as well.

    This is the NY band I’m most excited about for this year. Sorry Strokes.

  7. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2010 -3

    i think this really sucks. shitty production on his voice + song based around stupid ugly guitar line = rehash of OLTA, probably the worst thing this band has ever done. RIP Interpol post Antics

  8. They’re managing expectations.

  9. This song is cool, but what the fuck is that video?

  10. This rock….I can see great visuals to this. Interpol is back on it.

  11. this song sucks… had high hopes…

  12. This song has made my fucking week. It’s gorgeous and majestic and everything I want from an Interpol song.

    Also, @calico — good call on “all the pretty faces” reference. no wonder why i love the song so much.

    • I had some random live version of All the pretty faces pop up on itunes this weekend, and at first i thought it was Lights. So i googled to see if anyone else made the same connection and found this thread. And then when I saw your comment, I had a weird brain twitch and I then spent a few minutes researching where I downloaded the live track from, and found this old post

      “anyone that has seen the Killers on this tour might’ve heard their new song “All The Pretty Faces” played during sets. On tuesday night I was watching the band with Paul Banks and he turned to me saying “is this a new one? it’s really good.”

      Ha, funny coincidence! Almost makes up for the fact that I’m over a year late to this. (kinda?…not really?…oh well)

  13. No hook. Lyrics sound pretty sophomore year english lit. Production is ok but it sounds to me that the production is trying to save a sub-par song, rather than create a memorable stereo environment for a great song. And yeah, that guitar line is absolute throw-away.

    Rating: Meh +
    (on a scale of Taint Punch, Meh, Pretty Cool I Guess, Yeah More, Holy Balls)

    • “sophomore year English Lit”……UGGGHHHHH. And you know that cause u have like two Master’s degrees, right?

      Comment Rating: Gross -
      (That’s the lowest)

  14. guitar does sound a lot like “all the pretty faces” but the song still pretty good.(of course Pioneer to the falls is still the best song of the band)

  15. I’m not loving the vocals, but still very excited for their album…and haters be damned.

  16. seriously….whos tasteless enough to like this bland, uninteresting plodding caca. and i love their 1st lp to death.

    rip interpol post antics indeed….

  17. Overall, this song gets way better once it picks up. Still definitely not their best work though.

  18. Yet another band that has seemed to lost what made them great in the first place. (i.e. Bloc Party, KOL) Well it’s only the first song… fingers are crossed for the rest!

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