Another great video from the MGMT’s zeitgeist-eschewing sophomore art-piece Congratulations. Directed by So Me, this one’s about a finely packaged idea-factory that swallows the band whole. Pretty relevant.

(via FADER)

Congratulations is out via Columbia.

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  1. Such a cool song.

  2. Love this album.

  3. This was a fantastic video. I love everything So Me does.

  4. but how will you know?

  5. I love taylor swift.

  6. it was pretty cool. much cooler than the starbucks commercial that i mistook it for before it started playing could have been as a video..

  7. It’s working.

  8. I love MGMT videos. I heard they were trying to get Brian Eno to appear in their video to the song Brian Eno. Here’s to hoping that happens!

  9. i still haven’t fully listened to their latest album but i know if i did i would love it. i just need to do it!

  10. Hmmm. I am one of their biggest fans, but this Video or song just does not do it for me. Sorry guys. Maybe I should listen to it a couple of times…

  11. If you’re “one of their biggest fans” wouldn’t you like the video/song? I liked it, and I’m a medium fan.

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