Yeasayer - "Madder Red" Video

Perhaps the domineering power-caterer she played on Party Down (RIP) made you forget the softer side of Kristen Bell. Maybe you didn’t realize a song as straight-for-the-heart beautiful as “Madder Red” could have a touch of humor to it. It’s possible you never expected anoozing sac of vestigial limbs with blue eyes could be a sympathetic leading man. Those are the reasons Andreas Nilsson’s video for “Madder Red” is a ten.

Comments (7)
  1. Holey Fuck that was creepy/awesome

  2. Kristen Bell is a really good actress.

  3. What a horrible video for a great song. It wasn’t even interesting.

  4. Does anyone remember the incredibly short lived TGIF series “Aliens in the Family?”


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