The Libertines played their much-anticipated reunion show last night, after a semi-secret “rehearsal” show in London the night before. “Much-anticipated” is up for debate, though, especially on this side of the ocean. Vulture and The Daily Swarm both asked if anyone really cares about their reunion here in the States, where their albums never sold as well, nor had nearly as much impact as in the UK, where the band headlines major festivals and have had two biographies published about them. Another reason why people might not care? The band’s reunited or almost-reunited three or so times since 2007. Either way, they sound pretty good in this video from their rehearsal show (footage from that show also has less background noise):

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  1. liyxam1  |   Posted on Aug 26th, 2010 0

    sounding better than they did back in the day…

  2. translation: you and supposedly everyone else are too cool for pete carl & co.

    we get it

  3. This band could have been the biggest band to come out of the UK… seriously, if Pete wasn’t such a pain in the ass and Carl had the patience… They would be bigger than Coldplay today. “Tell The King” is among my favorite songs of all-time.

  4. I’ve always loved this band. I’d be psyched to see them in the US. Pete’s drug problems really hindered any advancement across the pond.

  5. liyxam1  |   Posted on Aug 27th, 2010 0

    I suppose you could blame Pete for them not making it “big” (whatever that means) but he was the one who brought the magic in the first place so they would have been nothing without him in the beginning so meh.

  6. plus we all know how much this site loves bands that need to be huge and sell a lot of albums and be totally popular

  7. Pete can’t come into the states, he’s been kicked out twice… he was denied to play about a month ago with adam green in new york.

  8. To quote Carl Barat on anyone who disagrees with how important The Libertines are:

    “Fuck ‘em”

    the hundreds of British rock bands because of The Libs can’t be wrong

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