Our love for Das Racist’s dadaist dipthongs, pithy wit raps, and punched-up Amitabh Bachchan-referencing rhyme schemes conclusively established in a love letter to the Shut Up, Dude mixtape (and bowling also), news of its powered-by-Diplo sequel Sit Down, Man’s imminent arrival is a highly exciting prospect. Plus, it features production from Chairlift and Class of 2010 freshmen Teengirl Fantasy, among others from the Stereogum tag set. There’s a trailer and everything, which is below, but in the interim we have the video for Shut Up’s “Who’s That? Brooown!” to fall back on, making like Xiu Xiu on a Nintendo NES styled adventure that follows the DR crew on a mission not far from a Saturday in their real lives, starting a day in Queens and bouncing around the greater Williamsburg, BKLYN/QNZ area on a mission to track down their own hype man/spirit guru Dapwell. And other things, too, probably. This will make your day.

(via P4k, directed by Thomas De Napoli)

Tetris, Frogger, Zelda, Double Dragon, but what no Dosa Hutt? The first mixtape has at least one more video coming, a Weird Days directed clip for “Ek Shaneesh.” For now, some behind-the-scenes.

Here’s the trailer for Shut Up, Dude’s sequel, the joint Mad Decent/Greedhead joint Sit Down, Man. It packs some LOLs and/or hahahahas:

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  1. i like dr ok but fuck diplo yo

  2. Step 1 – Watch end credits of video
    Step 2 – Look up “Ken and Roberta Williams” on Wikipedia
    Step 3 – Change “Nintendo NES styled adventure” to “Sierra Online styled adventure”
    Step 4 – ????
    Step 5 – PROFIT!

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