Stone Temple Pilots played the Woodlands in Houston, Texas Sunday night, and it looks like it might be the band’s last show for a while. According to a review from the Houston Press, STP went on an hour late, and Scott Weiland greeted the audience with a personal, rambling speech about music, family, and his past. “On the eight of December will be time when I stopped doing dope. I started drinking again. I got divorced, my wife… My whole world basically spun around and so you know what? I’m gonna take care of myself because that’s what I need to take care of,” he told the crowd. “Instead of just having a few shows, I wanna have a whole hell of a lot of shows.” Here’s video of his full ramble:

“I started drinking again” may be the key line from his pre-show speech. That, plus the canceled dates don’t bode well for the rest of 2010 for the band, unfortunately, considering that it started so well for them, with a new album, a comeback reunion, and lots of tour dates.

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  1. Will this guy just give it a rest and go into reality television already? Celebrity Rehab, Apprentice, RuPaul’s Drag School, I don’t care – just get off the stage if you can’t hold your poison, shit.

  2. …spoken like someone who has never: 1. been on stage 2. held any posion of his own

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