Justin Timberlake was on Jimmy Fallon last night to promote, I don’t know, his role in The Social Network, the Yogi Bear movie, his next Saturday Night Live cameo, his Sony commercial. Not an album. Of course not an album. He told Fallon about having the Sugarhill Gang open for ’N Sync, which they used to launch into a medley of past to present hip-hop, from “Rapper’s Delight” to “Empire State Of Mind.” Watch:

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  1. hip hop is the white man’s burden

  2. So… does anyone know all the songs that are in this?

  3. Blam! Sloth to the rescue!

    rapper’s delight – sugarhill gang
    peter piper – run dmc
    paul revere – beastie boys
    award tour – a tribe called quest
    humpty dance – digital underground
    aint nothin but a g thing / california love – dr dre / snoop dog / tupac
    juicy – notorious big
    the seed 2.0 – the roots /cody chestutt
    my name is – eminem
    work it – missy elliot
    crank dat – soulja boy
    live your life – ti / rihanna
    gold digger – kanye west
    empire state of mind – jay z / alicia keys

  4. this is fucking amazing! HAHA!

  5. Except for the Soulja Boy part.

  6. Late Night is really killing it these days.

  7. amazing!!!!!!!!

  8. Nobody brings hip hop like a boy bander!

  9. I love Pam from The Office. Like, I’m in love with her.

  10. Fallon should have all these hip hop artists on his show for some sort of hip hop week (month?). I would LOVE to see him with the Beastie Boys. His imitation is dead-on.

  11. This was amazing. One of the reasons to watch Jimmy Fallon is that he makes guests participate in all these random stuff.

    So Justin, when are you coming out with a new album?

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