This clip from the German television show Durch Die Nacht Mit… (“Into the Night with…”) finds Hammering Hank wandering into the Cake Shop with the Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat where things go well enough until a woman yells “get in the van, man” and Rollins confronts her. She’s referring to Rollins’s collection of Black Flag tour stories Get In The Van, a book I oddly enough happen to be rereading at the moment. If you hadn’t heard of it, Rollins makes sure to remind us it’s “very well known” and “very famous” (with a Grammy winning audio version) after tearing into the “young elitist hipsters” and “over-tattooed trust-fund kids” with their “massive elitist ego(s).” (I sorta recognize his main target as a waitress from Old Devil Moon back in the day…) It was apparently shot in 2006, but just noticeably resurfaced online. Todd P makes an appearance as an innocent bystander.

(Via Free Williamsburg)

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  1.’s first reality show, where Henry Rollins cavorts around Williamsburg guilting hipsters into turning into respectable human beings. I’d watch

  2. That was awesome.

  3. yes, he is old and in the way. kids seem happy to seem him and want to interact, he puts them down, then climbs into a limo.

  4. uh, 2006? yeah uh, got any footage of henry rollins saying he dabbled in witchcraft?

  5. Henry Rollins is so OBVIOUSLY BAKED.

  6. Hahaha, those girls that were there, are obviously fucking retarded. I bet they use the words “i feel” a lot while trying to get their point across.

  7. I was disappointed by how few cakes there were in this video. I guess they should have called Raymond Pettibon-bon.


  8. I am not the biggest Rollins fan. I also disagree with the way he handled that situation but 100% agree with the message he is trying to get across. The difference between the Iranian women and the younger girls is night and day and Rollins is just pointing out how apathetic, lazy, and hipsterized most of the popular music scene has become. That is all.

    • So you’re blaming the girls in the record store for not being born in a country with a bad human-rights record? How is Rollins any different than the girls in that case? What do you want from kids? Is anyone that hasn’t lived under a dictatorship/theocracy just a “trustfund hipster?”

      “apathetic, lazy”

      This describes Americans in general, what do hipsters have to do with it (whatever “hipster” means)? Also, isn’t the point of hipster music that it *isn’t* popular or mainstream?

  9. you mean how ‘Matt n Kim’ d the scene has become? ZA-ZING! :) No that was umm interesting, i can only imagine how it feels to be an aging famous face, must get annoying…but he definitely did overact and assume they were giggling negatively about him vs just ‘holy shit its henry rollins?!!’ hopefully he just did that cuz of the cameras, to give us a show. otherwise he’s on his way to heart attack city, and needs to lighten the F up. but yes, keep ripping on the scene Henry, THAT is the good fight:)

  10. Roid Rage.

  11. What a dick Rollins was, Shirin Neshat looked really embarrased

  12. What the hell is a “hipter?”

  13. Henry Rollins behaving like a sanctimonious jerk-off? Say it ain’t so! He’s calling them out for their “massive elitist ego(s).”? Did they put their own tattoos on their album covers? Or is that not egotistical? Like pointing out how “well-known” and “famous” your book isn’t egotistical? And he calls them “over-tattooed trust-fund kids”? Hey Hank, what was growing up on the mean streets of Georgetown like? Rollins has been a self-important dick for decades now so it’s nice to see he hasn’t changed.

  14. I mean I dont see why he gave those girls such a hard time, everyone who is anyone knows that I’m the hippest hip to ever hip. Shit Rollins, do your research.

  15. This was so weird

  16. Wow-lotta hate for Rollins…note in the video that she calls out AT him, followed by laughter. They were acting like typical hipsters. She was displaying how ironically ‘with it’ she is by acting like a retarded asshole. And likely, she knew at least that this is Rollins, he’s going to get angry-fuck, he’s been dismissed and yelled at, called out all his life – so yeah, he might have a chip on his shoulder. See, if he’d not have reacted, hipster chick would have scored ‘cool’ points with her clique, and get to move up the social rung with the ‘in’ crowd, for her ability to be so ironic. And got schooled. I thoroughly like Rollins reaction – camera or not, he’d likely have reacted like that. He brought it back to her, to her crowd. Oh, and note that very shortly after that, he’s hanging with them?

    And the guy who he accepted the stuff from? That’s cause the guy didn’t act like a retard and insult him, followed by peals of laughter.

  17. First of all, who gives a shit about that todd p douche-bag? Secondly, amen on Rollins part! All those crummy hipsters move to Brooklyn from these small towns and other countries and suddenly think their reborn quintessential New Yorker’s and authoritative figures on everything. I’m so sick of the whole ironic crap. Good for Rollins! Egotistical or not, it’s great he tore into them.

  18. I think I just saw him on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 2, episode 6 if anyone is interested). Been addicted to that show! Totally off topic, but whatever.

  19. Those girls needed a shower….godbless…how hard is it? take a little soap, water it up and lather. seriously girls…it’s not cool if your stink.

  20. hipsters ruin everything. they ruined music. I can’t wait until they grow up and go away

  21. Is there a possibility of Rollin’s comments about his book being sarcastic? Also, those girls sucked.

  22. We actually got to talk to this dude on the phone. He gives quite a bit of advice.

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