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According to Indiewire (who quote Screen Daily), Brit production company Film4 is prepping a biopic on Joe Strummer. It’s tentatively titled Joe Public, and Paul Viragh will write the screenplay. So, who should play Strummer? Consequence of Sound writes, “Please no James Franco,” but it’s unlikely that the company behind 24 Hour Party People, Trainspotting, and This Is England would have an American play Strummer, even though, as you can see from the above photo, Franco and Strummer do sort of look alike. Two ideas: the Social Network’s Andrew Garfield (who plays Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, and who attended the City of London Freemen’s School, like Strummer), or maybe Bright Star actor Ben Whishaw. But please, no Robert Pattinson.

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  1. Andrew Garcia looks even more like Strummer than Franco. Or is it just the hair?

  2. James McAvoy

  3. … A A Bondy would make a great Joe Strummer!

  4. Win Butler would seem like he’d be good in that role, but I’m not sure who would be a good real actor to choose. Although Jaime Bell would be VERY good as Paul Simonon.

    • Hah! I can see it now…What’s the deal with this train!?! This train is in vain! First you said you’ll stand by your man, but now not at all! I’ll tell you what you are: you’re a no-stander! Can’t stand it! Not at all!

  5. Probably should be Panda Bear, but Tare’s way better IMHO

    In all seriousness though Donald Glover. He’ll be fresh off starring as Spiderman, and he’ll totally kill it

  6. i just finished reading joe’s biography redemption song a few weeks ago and seriously, i can’t emphasize enough how ridiculous a biopic would be. he lived such a fruitful, jovial life up until his relatively early passing – where’s the goddamn story arc?

  7. Joe should be played by John Cusack. John knows Joe, the man and the music. Photos can be seen at my blog

  8. He doesn’t really look like him, but Sam Riley killed it in Control, so maybe he could do it again?

  9. Screw it, let’s just do the Bob Dylan thing and get all of these actors in there.

  10. With the right haircut – Roddy Woomble from Idlewild.

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