Deakin & Avey Tare by Bek Andersen

After a sabbatical that saw him miss Animal Collective’s biggest crossover to date via Merriweather Post Pavilion, Josh “Deakin” Dibbs has officially returned to the fold, according to P4K. By ATP 2009 the band was hinting that his time away was coming to an end, and this year he could be seen everywhere Animal Collective was, including that weird thing at the Guggenheim or that day DJing the MoMA WarmUp in Long Island City’s PS1 (pictured above) and random bars around CMJ with Avey and Geologist. (In fact, it was Noah that was conspicuously absent from those band outings, though it’s more likely he was busy being a Tomboy/living in Portugal than sewing the seeds of sabbatical himself. Unless you guys want to start rumors, then, by all means: Dude’s totally bailing on the band.)

For now Deakin’s continuing his first year of solo shows, with a gig 12/10 at Manhattan’s New Museum (Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks affiliates Prince Rama open) before fastening himself to the Collective during Primavera Sound in Barcelona (May 25-29) and ATP Minehead in the UK (May 13-15). Welcome back buddy.

[Photo by Bek Andersen]

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  1. can he count as absent when he’s in ODDSAC?

  2. Despite ODDSAC’s 2010 release, it was more than four years in the making. So if anything Josh was present in celluloid spirit, but not in any substantial creative or fleshly sense. (Fleshly? Whatever.)

  3. I’m not exactly an Animal Collective historian but when Deakin left all the guitars seemingly went with him- SJ and MPP are both really great but I definitely miss the inclusion of the electric and acoustic guitar and look forward to seeing that sound included on the next release.

    • Deakin actually did play on “Strawberry Jam.” There were some guitars on that album, but I think the group as a whole was probably just moving towards a more sample and synth-based style, and went further in that direction MPP, which had even fewer guitars.

  4. didn’t know he left.

  5. Don’t forget that Panda Bear hinted at a hiatus in an interview this year. Perhaps their next album will be less PB, more J. (giddit!)

  6. yeeaaahhh, guitars!!

  7. New AnCo LP in 2k11 would be nice yes, yes… nice, nice indeed…

  8. They look so thrilled.

  9. Deakin needs to catch up on his sleep.

  10. yeaaah deakin’s back.. let’s hear another strawberry jam!!

  11. deakin wasn’t present while this band released 90% of their best songs? i wonder what he brings to the table that is currently missing.

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