Rivers Cuomo posted this solo, intimate cover of the Beach Boys’ classic “God Only Knows” after Christmas. It’s hard to top the original Carl Wilson vocal, so you can see Cuomo concentrating very hard on those falsetto notes. He’s also playing the piano with his eyes closed for most of this video, and he shot it by himself in his home studio, so that also adds to the intimate atmosphere. Watch:

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  1. How did I know that link was going to be to Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr before I even clicked?

  2. It’s weird, watching grown up Rivers, who now has a wife and kid, sitting in his house with his thinning hair, sing God Only Knows with that almost worried expression… it just seems like a logical emotional place for the guy who wrote Pinkerton to be at as an adult. Instead we get “The Girl Got Hot”.

    Still, great cover

    • Sometimes in my crankiest drunks, I will rail against the idea that music in the modern world is ever divorced from commerce, that if it is anything more than a hobby, it is a job and should be used to make money, as much money as you can! But in my sober reflections, it becomes clear that I am describing exactly what Weezer does with all this Raditude business. So the moral of the story is: don’t listen to drunk talk. It’s all empty philosophy and slurred come-ons.

    • I choose to believe that there’s an alternate universe out there in which Rivers didn’t sell out and Bush never became president.

  3. weezer & cuomo have both sucked for years now, and so does the cover. why do artists feel the need to cover others’ work. farting into a microphone for 4 minutes would be way more original.

    • Oh, I like a good cover, and I think they are perfectly relevant. The more music I listen to, the more I think that voice is as important as originality. A song can still resonate emotionally as long as the musicians feel something about the tune, whether they wrote it or not.

      If music is a form of storytelling (and I think in many ways it is), then a good song is a good story and a good story deserves to be retold. There will always be subtle differences, just because different singers come from different times and different places, so I always appreciate hearing them.

  4. Sounds autotuned.

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