Def Leppard Tribute Band

Dallas’s “hottest” Def Leppard tribute band Pyromania posted a flyer looking for a one armed drummer — “no prostetics (sic)” — to help them pour some sugar on their hometown (via The Daily Swarm). As you’ll note, interested parties should have a “flame retardent (sic) kit & stick.” Serious inquiries only. That’s the indomitable spirit.

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  1. Steven Drozd NEED NOT APPLY. You didn’t actually lose that arm, buddy. And besides, a pair of flaming lips can easily turn into a flaming drum kit and/or stick.

  2. For all their attention to detail, they should first concentrate on spelling Def Leppard correctly.

  3. how many 1-armed drummers aren’t already playing in a hot Def Leppard tribute band?

  4. omg how pathetic! lol

    I feel bad that I am even laughing but most any tribute band is pathetic…and in this case we are talking about one exploiting a tragedy experienced by their favorite band lol

    POST PICS of these douchebags!!

  5. The lack of “What has nine arms and sucks” jokes is disappointing.

  6. I have a feeling the conversation went a bit like this:

    Lead Singer: “I don’t what it is, bros, but I don’t think we’re ever gonna be stars. :( ”

    Guitarist: “I know, bro, it’s like we’re all talented and stuff, and we know all these rockin’ tunes, but something’s holding us back.”

    Drummer: “I have an idea guys. Let’s write our own stuff.”

    Other Guitarist: “Y’know, broskis, I have an idea.”

    Drummer: “…but what about my idea?”

    Other Guitarist: “I think what it is, broheims, is that we’re not dedicated enough.”

    Lead Singer: “But we’re the hottest Def Leppard tribute band in Dallas!”

    Other Guitarist: “I know, brodda, but what I mean is, what does Def Leppard have that we don’t?”

    Band: “???”

    Other Guitarist: “A drummer with one arm!”

    Band: “Totally!”

    Drummer: “…”

  7. Funniest damn thing I’ve seen in days. Wow, for being such an awesome tribute band, they really ought to at least TRY to spell. They don’t even spell Def Leppard right! lol

    This is in such bad taste and yet so damn hilarious. I checked out Cali’s Pyromania for kicks – they can’t spell either! Not only that…they have a load of crap on their site as to how wonderful they are, both audibly and visually – um, NOT. FAQ: Does the band know about you? Answer: Yes, they do. Yeah? They know about everyone that has sent them a fan letter. Morons.

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