Trish Keenan 2009

Broadcast vocalist Trish Keenan passed away this morning from complications from pneumonia. Pitchfork and Warp Records confirmed yesterday that the singer was fighting for her life in the hospital, after a post from a Facebook user claiming to be Keenan’s sister (the post has since been removed) told fans that Keenan had contracted H1N1 flu after touring in Australia, and had been on life support since December. Warp released this statement this morning:

It is with great sadness we announce that Trish Keenan from Broadcast passed away at 9am this morning in hospital. She died from complications with pneumonia after battling the illness for two weeks in intensive care.

Our thoughts go out to James, Martin, her friends and her family and we request that the public respect their wishes for privacy at this time.

This is an untimely tragic loss and we will miss Trish dearly – a unique voice, an extraordinary talent and a beautiful human being. Rest in Peace.

Broadcast has several EPs and collaborative records in addition to their three acclaimed studio albums. The duo were also chosen by Matt Groening to play All Tomorrow’s Parties in Minehead last May.

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  1. so very sad, Broadcast was always a group I looked forward to hearing new material from. to me, trish and her music represented a curious and enchanting world to completely immerse yourself in

    i can only imagine the amazing music she and her band would have released had she survived.

  2. such sad news. she was so talented and had such a beautiful voice… now i really regret not seeing them last year in seattle w/atlas sound! oh well, at least we still have her wonderful music to remember her by, as well as the many bands they’ve undoubtedly influenced over the last decade

  3. how upsetting…

  4. LOVED HER VOICE…so much:( i would have killed to do music with her, a girl like her, sadly now there is one less classic british vocalist left to find TO work with. The Noise Made By People will always be one of my all-time fav electro records.

  5. Just found out about it. I loved that band. Fuck…

  6. Really sad, very talented girl and a great voice.

  7. I recently discovered this band and can’t believe Trish Keenan died. I’ll never get to see her perform and that makes a void in me.

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