According to Hidden Track, Ween co-frontman Gene Ween got out of control and out of sync with the rest of his band in Vancouver last night. Quoting a review for Vancouver website, Gene sang most of their songs in a cracked falsetto, and whenever he felt like it. The rest of the band got tired of working around his performance and simply left him on stage alone. The review and comments from other fans describe the whole thing as “strange and disappointing,” “bizarre” and “pathetic.” Madonna almost ruining a Ween show is sad, it’s much sadder when Ween ruins its own show. Here’s some video:

(via The Daily Swarm)

In 2007 Gene admitted he had a alcohol and Valium addiction for much of the band’s touring days and had completed a treatment program. Dean Ween told the National Post that Ween would be recording this winter.

[Photo by Amrit Singh]

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  1. shit. they’re probably going to cancel the rest of the tour now. when gener gets fucked up he gets really fucked up.

  2. This upsets me so much. I saw Gene by himself back in November, and he put on such an excellent show.

  3. hahahahaha just when i thought i hated everything Ween except ‘Fancy Pants’ and ‘Dont get too close to my fantasy’…btw, is it just the darkness or is ‘gene’ rocking a ben franklin haircut? anyway, enjoy Canada… did they get refunds?!

  4. that was awesome. truly amaaaaazing WEEN!!!!!!!!!!

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