The Strokes - Under Cover Of Darkness

Did you know it’s been five years since we heard any new music from the Strokes? I bet you didn’t know that, no one’s really mentioned it. (For those of you under 10, the Strokes were famous rock starts who dated models and didn’t wash their hair.) Between babies and rehab and overrated solo albums, work on Angles began over two years ago. It was a slow start fraught with artistic differences, but by the time the band’s 2010 festival gigs rolled around there were no signs of tension. A snippet of “Under Cover of Darkness” isn’t much to go on, but it gives at least a small sense of the “classic” Strokes sound Nicolai promised the BBC last month. H/T Amazon for debuting the 30 second teaser now ricocheting across the Twitterverse…

UPDATE: Hear the full track here.

Angles is out 3/22 via RCA. “Under Cover Of Darkness” hits iTunes/Amazon 2/11.

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  1. FUCK. need more seconds

  2. fucking awesome!

  3. Angles, not Angels.

  4. Seriously?
    It even sounds like a hoax…

  5. My penis just exploded due to a massive chubby.

  6. yea i nutted

  7. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2011 +5

    as a person who’s never liked this band, I can say this sounds terrible to me. on the upside, my penis Is still in perfect working order.

  8. Don’t go that way, I’ll Wait For You *-* I love it >.<' can't wait for wednesday

  9. maaan! this is one of those epic sing-along songs when you’re driving to the beach, through the city, drunk with friends.

  10. More poppy that the Strokes songs I’m familiar with (mostly Is This It) but it’s not bad. Seems like it could be a crossover hit.

  11. Just played it ten times in a row to make sure this is happening.

  12. is that it?

  13. Is this real ?? :-D

  14. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  15. Is this it?

  16. Phoenix anyone?

  17. That’s a pretty awesome cover.

  18. There’s no way Julian Casablancas’ album is overrated. Most underrated album of 2009.

    Albert Hammond Jr. I can take or leave, though. I’ll give you that.

    • Yeah, what? I was never big on the Albert Hammond Jr. stuff, but Phrazes for the Young was great and I thought that only got a kind of lukewarm reception.

      anyway, this sounds awesome. sooo pumped

    • Yeah what the hell is with that?.. The album is damn amazing. I still listen to it and the outtakes today, which means it’s got some life. There’s so many interweaving parts n’ melodies goin’ on there. It’s like Pauk’s Boutique, always something to catch ya.

      Definitely most underrated album in recent memory. And damn this song sounds great and that cover is pretty slick too. I was cautious and skeptical, now I’m cautiously optimistic.

  19. the julian casablancas album was universally panned? not overrated at all.


  21. much resemblance to the album of “Is this it”

  22. I guess “Scott” is just another version of MIA as provocateur. Why, tell me, would this guy want to call Strokes’ solo projects overrated? Pretentious, disrespectful noise.

    • Yeah, they were pretty lukewarm in terms of reception. I mean, I really enjoyed some of their solo work, but like everyone else we know they were just having fun out there. Not really innovative or masterpiece material, but also not like some of the ambitious “misses” that some artists have with their side projects.

  23. Phrazes For The Young was a great album. Where is this overrated comment coming from?

  24. Wow only 30 seconds and I’m already considering this one of the best albums of the year, well, maybe in the top 5 Destroyers’ Keputt was damn good also a bunch of big releases are coming out this year, what a great year for music.

  25. Wont there be a couple on the street. Dont go that way, I’ll wait for you. Does anyone have the lyrics?

  26. Glad to see such positive response. The Strokes are my preferred band of the 2000′s thus far. Might have to make a chain calendar to count down the days until this album comes out. Oh, and I’ll be purchasing a ticket to their show in Chicago as well.

  27. “Scot” sucks

  28. The only successful solo project was “Little Joy” the rest were mediocre. And why is everyone getting all wet for a 30 second clip?

  29. I bet Rolling Stone is readying their cover. A picture of Julian and co. and in large text: “Can the Strokes SAVE ROCK AND ROLL……AGAIN??!”

  30. At best -Kids in a few decades are going to treat most brookyln snob bands like we treat phil collins and u2. We’ll be like “but they did all this innovative editing in protools AND totally mirrored our post modern angst.” They will look at us blankly the same way we do some geezer tries pass of dated production as relevance.

    The Strokes write memorable and well written songs. that lasts 4ever.

  31. Holy shit does this sound good. Really can’t wait, and we need something that sounds like this!

  32. Sounds like dancing with your friends at an afterparty around 3:30 am, while drinking the remaining booze from the preparty.

  33. Well it can’t really be worse than First Impressions of Earth (it wasn’t THAT bad, just by comparison to their previous work).

  34. My heart is about to burst with excitement.

    Also i really hope the trend for commenting on nutting doesn’t spread over to VG.

  35. 5 more minutes!

  36. Where jules?

  37. The Strokes have a new single and my boss refuses to pay me to write about it:

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