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Here is a late night gift from Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All stormcenter @fuckTyler, The Creator in the form of “Yonkers,” a stark, fantastic(al) clip he was right to debut after midnight. (N.B. He appreciates it: People Are Actually Staying Up For This; It Was A Time That Noone Gave A Fuck. Thanks, Faggots.” Aww.) It’s also the first listen from Goblin, the follow-up to his free, self/Tumblr-released debut Bastard. (Word is Goblin will not be free or self/Tumblr released. Understandably.) The track depicts Tyler where he lives (on edge), it is hard knock with a blunt, frightening beat and his twitchy aggravated baritone fixing its sites set on Bruno Mars and therapists, on Tina still not perming her fucking weave, wrapping his desire to “boogie to Marvin” in a predictably homophobic disclaimer. How much of that is sincere and how much is provocative shtick is for you to decide while you’re also contemplating how tightly the final scene’s noose actually fits. Skewed and immediate in the manner of “French,” the “Yonkers” video is another example of Tyler, The Film Student’s precocious ability to put a defined visual aesthetic in service of his rap — strange, twisted, arty hyper-reality revealing its hand in the fantasy it sharply projects at its edges. The one-cam closeup is charismatic, revealing; the blood and eaten cockroaches, vomit and blackened eyeballs, signal his interest in the theater of it all lyrically, and otherwise. Dope track. Great video. Kid’s ripped also. Directing credit to Wolf Haley (i.e. Tyler), filmed by Luis Planch Perez.

Best eyeballs in the biz. As for the track title, via @fucktyler: “To People Who Wonder Why I Named It YONKERS; I’m A Fan Of NY, And When i Made The Instrumental, It Reminded Me Of My First Time Out There.” New York reciprocates. (See: that sold-out show Odd Future did at Studio @ Webster, the sold-out show they have coming up this Tuesday at Santos. Also, note well: Odd Future, or at least Tyler and Hodgy Beats, are doing Fallon on 2/16, which should be something. After “Yonkers” at least we have some idea of what they could do without the FCC having an aneurysm.)

Tyler’s Goblin’s due in April. He does Fallon next week, and he did Lykke Li yesterday.

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  1. this dude is amazing

  2. He is going to take over the year. Holy shit.

  3. I really now after the song VCR album ( Bastard ) & Yonkers .. those are kind- a the 2 tracks that mostly like ! He’s amazing, can’t wait for the album ” Gublin to come out ! .

  4. jeeeesus… kid has so much talent. this and the earl video both left my jaw literally hanging. not much else does that these days.

  5. Tyler is a genius.


  6. Great fucking song. Love the shoutout to Adventure Time, great show.

  7. Tyler is a disturbed individual this evident in his lyrics and interactions with people. Brandun Deshay is the overall more impressive talent. Tyler just does random things for shock value.

  8. Tyler said it himself on Twitter that he never went to film school. He just made it up for an interview, same with Earl being at bootcamp. Hilarious that websites keep reporting the shit he says.

  9. Blast this every time Bruno Mars wins a Grammy.

  10. He’s amazing. This is amazing. And he’s got great taste in music

  11. I dig this track, but it weirds me out every time I listen to it.

  12. Could this write-up possibly be more overdone? Wow.

  13. so homophobic, so sexist; not down.

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