This week’s SNL got off to a rocky start when a cross-eyed and painful-to-watch Ritchie Sambora lost his next-to-only line during host Jon Bon Jovi’s monologue (Sambora smiling blankly, mouthing “Oh shit, I lost it.” To his credit, intended or not, his bumbling facial expression was sorta funny.) Didn’t look like JBJ was pleased, mouthing something like “You fucked up!” and scowling during the quick walk to the music stage for that new Bon Jovi tune. (Afterwards, Richie tried to look at Jon with a smile, BJ just flicked his pick in his general direction and ran off. That’s not a happy Jovi.) Been lots of rehab for Richie lately…

But there were fun times too! Like Fred Armisen as the political comic who never quite got around to saying anything. And Andy Samberg pwning old people, women, Taylor, and Dave. Believe in your dreams.

After the jump, Kristen Wiig shows off what we can only hope is a recurring Björk impression (“In my dreams my fingers are made of butter…”), and Foo Fighters (with Pat Smear in tow) perform “The Pretender.”

Björk And Charles Barkley Finally Meet

Foo Fighters – “The Pretender”

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  1. soy  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    andy is awesome :-)

  2. PUNCHED!! … MURDER! *dancing*… that was hilarious.

  3. Hahahaha, man that was ace.

  4. Tel  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    Richie didn’t say ”shit”, he actually said ”I can’t see it”. The guy has the worst eyesight ever and couldn’t read the damn autocue.

    Yes he shouldhave been able to remember 2 lines but he froze, tried ot read the cue card and couldn’t. Lay off him. I thought he looked pretty well and MORE IMPORANTLY I do believe he is sober.

  5. Adam  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    The punch skit was great. I liked JBJ hopping back up with guitar in hand immediately after being punched. FULL RECOVERY!!!

  6. anonenon  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    i liked that punch sketch better when it was called “kicked in the nuts.”

  7. bone thug  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    That song is better when Taylor’s part on the chorus is out front, i.e. louder than Dave’s. They should’ve either cranked up Taylor’s mic or Dave they should’ve traded parts for this performance.

    I think of Taylor’s part as the melody, not Dave’s. Am I alone on this one?

  8. Word up anonenon. As much as I enjoyed seeing Bon Jovi punched in the face, that was an obvious rip off of the Kicked In The Nuts Guy sketches

    Lonely Planet used to compete in the channel 101 contests too, so its doubly suspish. Also extra douche points for letting Bon Jovi be the only one to pop back up after his punch unscathed.

  9. Eugene  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    He was aided by the power of rokk, Brian.

  10. when he punched JBJ and it said JOVI PUNCH…I about lost my shit. Hilarious.

  11. nick  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    i like andy samberg because i like indie rock music and hoodies.

    i thought this week was surprisingly solid. hader’s italian talk show host is always awesome, “Ohh!” ruled, maya rudolph and armisen both had great weekend updates segments. im just getting more and more tired of samberg… he’s an ugly jimmy fallon.

  12. Actually, Nick, I’ve always considered myself to be a younger and handsomer Yasser Arafat.

  13. jdor  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    “Actually, Nick, I’ve always considered myself to be a younger and handsomer Yasser Arafat.”

    i hsould hope so since he’s been dead for a few years now.

  14. Gina  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    Kristen Wiig’s Bjork was hilarious. She is one of the few funny ones in the cast.

  15. JD  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    That Bjork/Barkley skit was absolutely mindless. Not funny in the least. Couldn’t have been a worse impersonation of the Chuckster.

  16. matt  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    actually Keenan’s Sir Charles voice was spot-on eye em oh. “Being Punched Before Eating” was reminiscent of early Lonely Island stuff; maybe Lorne Michaels is giving the guys some more leash.

  17. Elliot  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    This is the first digital short that i haven’t found funny at all. Like how high were they when they wrote this? It was almost as bad as that Bjorkley sketch.

    Winona Ryder’s impersonation was way better.

  18. El Payo  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2007 0

    Did Pat actually play? For the first half of the song he just pogoed in place, holding his guitar.

    And the sound mix certainly didn’t help the (hot) cellist.

  19. Tennessee  |   Posted on Oct 16th, 2007 0

    pat smear ftw.

  20. The Other Matthew  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2007 0

    The Digital Short was a little weak, but it was still pretty okay. I loved the Bjork/Barkley skit, especially the Dennis Rodman line. And, of course, the Foo Fighters are amazing live.

    SNL has had some bright spots, of late.

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