Miley Cyrus Plays Equador

Cyrus did “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” libido and all, this past Saturday, the opening night of her “Gypsy Heart Tour” in Quito, Ecuador. Kurt Cobain died so this could happen.

And this.

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  1. She dances like Elaine Benes at the beginning of the song.

  2. I bet her band was forever thankful to play something harder than her typical jello consitency of instrumentals.

  3. i just threw up a little.

  4. Oh, what fresh hell is this?

  5. Kind of like watchin Bill Murray (from Saturday Night live) as an old, retired cabaret singer trying to do Stairway to Heaven…make it stop, please…

  6. Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. Now I see how the pieces fit:

    1.- Kurt Cobain traveled in time,
    2.- Kurt Cobain watched this video….
    3.- Kurt Cobain committed suicide…

  8. Well, she is stupid & contagious.

  9. OMg ShtUP!!!! u hterz ur just jelous bcuz u cnt sing like MILEY! SHe diD that pERFect if not btter than kort curbain. Omg lololololol loserzzzzz.


  10. Almost as good as Jared Leto’s take on Kurt…

  11. Maybe she brings the truest expression of the songs original meaning into focus in a way only a saccharine, Disney-fabricated teen starlet could… The irony is, she doesn’t get the joke, which makes it more embarrassing than her outfit.

  12. I threw up during to whole video and I suddenly stopped when it ended. I was so thankful when the torture was over!

  13. poor kids are now going to say “oh you know that teen spirit song by miley cyrus. who’s kurt cobain and what’s a nirvana?” rip the youth of today – thank you miley cyrus.

  14. I thought she was supposed to ruin Radiohead — not Nirvana.

  15. Listen to

    Fantine, she should do a cover of miley, show her up :)

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