Ultra396 has done some cool boots for MTVMash UK.

Here’s one:

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  1. Justin  |   Posted on Jul 15th, 2004 0

    Anybody else seen that car commercial that uses “Bohemian Like You”?

    They splice the lyrics so it just goes: “You’ve got a great car….and I like you, I like you, I like you.”


  2. Yikes, that is sad. Is that movie about Dandy Warhols/BJM out yet?

  3. dandyfan  |   Posted on Jul 15th, 2004 0

    I loooove the Dandy Warhols, I think they are a great band and deserve more recognition then they have gotten…

    btw, where do you find your pictures?

  4. kelly  |   Posted on Jul 15th, 2004 0

    dig! hasn’t like, officially been released, but it’s been played at film fests (played in san francisco, and in l.a.). i remember at the san francisco screening they said something about national release happening in october. it’s awesome, totally worth seeing.

    and thanks for the mash, i’m like, obsessed with the dandy warhols.

  5. Interesting coinkydink: I’ll be posting a 396 mash on this upcoming Monday’s Hut.

  6. The Dandies is one of the best shows I have ever seen live. They were really into it and played for ever. They freaked out when the crowd started suggesting old songs. They were like, “You guys are awesome We haven’t played this song in like 3 years.”

    It was magical.

    MPLS Indie

  7. this song rokz

  8. Kat  |   Posted on Sep 10th, 2004 0

    i love the dandy warhols, they rock – sleep is such an awesome track – u should all listen to it


  10. i have diarrhea

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