Fox Reports On The Odd Future Riot

A cop was hospitalized after a riot at Boston’s Newbury Comics connected to rap artist Tyler, The Creator, and if you are reporting this news for local TV make sure to nod your head incredulously when saying the artist’s name, as if you have never heard such a silly name. The less sensationalistic rendition of the facts we can glean from these two local news reports embedded below is that Tyler had an in-store at Newbury Comics, for which fans had to get wristbands in advance to keep crowd numbers under control. But “hundreds” more wristband-less youths showed up to the in-store, overwhelming Newbury Street’s business, prompting cops to shut down the street and treat it as a riot situation. A couple of Odd Future kids started running around on rooftops allegedly yelling anti-cop stuff and riling kids up, then OFWGKTA were taken to a back exit when a cop slipped and hurt his back (the hospital says his injuries are not serious, and he has been released). A juvenile was arrested for disorderly conduct, also.

Two reports of the “riot” situation below, the first with reporter Ted Daniel’s “Tyler, The Creator” incredulity.

Near-riot breaks out at Odd Future signing; officer injured:

Another look:

(first clip via The Fader)

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  1. I’m going to do that little head shake every time I say his name from now on.

  2. I hate condescending, mainstream news outlets like this. They keep repeating that a cop was injured as if it was somehow Odd Future’s fault. They blow past the part where his injury came from him falling down, which makes completely negates any attempt at laying blame.

  3. Regardless of how I or anyone feels about Odd Future’s music, fuck that first video for not mentioning the nature of the cop’s injury, leaving it to the viewer to assume he was in some way hurt dealing with the fans or the group.

    That’s downright slimy.

  4. that’s not even close to a riot.

  5. Odd Future – just in time for May Sweeps!

  6. LOL he slipped and hurt his back. The first video made it sound like he got gang banged by the crowd.

  7. I was at work across the street when this was happening, and the reports of it are way more dramatic than it actually was (from what i could see at least)

  8. “How did they get up on the roof?”

    Good question. I’m gonna go with “stairs”.

  9. OMFG Odd Future are so punk! They’re inciting riots!

    God this is like front-page everywhere .Who gives a funck?

    When someone gets shot then holla at me. LOL


  11. *shrugs* i’ve never heard of them either. :/

  12. 1. What riot? All I saw was a big crowd excited to see someone they like

    2. Cop slipped. Wasn’t anybody’s fault. It was an accident.

    3. Once again, mainstream news comes down on black people


    Can some of you close minded people watch the link provided, it is Tyler the Creator’s interview.

    Can some of you superficial materalistic punks listen before you judge?

    Can someone do legit research before they say they want to shake their heads?

    This whole news shit is a parody of some sort, right? What a joke. ODD FUTURE

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