Vampire Weekend, LCD Soundsystem, Hercules & Love Affair DJ 826NYC Prom

Prom Season — and its promise of rented limos, expensive gowns you’ll never wear again, and desperate hookup attempts — is upon us. Many of you probably didn’t go to prom because fuck high school! But what if there was an ironic prom with DJ sets by members Vampire Weekend, LCD Soundsystem, and Hercules & Love Affair, emceed by comedian Leo Allen? Would you go to that? Too late, it happened last night. The event benefited 826NYC, the nonprofit that tutors kids in the back of a superhero supply store, so if that’s not a good reason to slow dance to “Open Arms” I don’t know what is. We sent Zach Dilgard to capture the festivities for posterity. One day some of these haircuts will look (even more) ridiculous.