St. Vincent 2011

Strange Mercy, Annie Clark’s 11-song John Congleton-produced followup to Actor, will be out this fall. They recorded the collection at Elmwood Studios in her pre-Manhattan hometown of Dallas, Texas. A press release notes that Strange Mercy finds St. Vincent “redefining the idea of the guitar hero, utilizing the instrument as a pointillist artist might wield a brush. Countless judiciously placed riffs and instrumental flares, each distinct and unique, cohere into grand tableaus.” Interesting. The song descriptions are of the same pitch:

On “Cruel,” she elicits punchy bursts like an R&B horn section. “Cheerleader” froths and boils, with deep and fuzzy guitars bubbling up to the surface, while “Surgeon” twirls about endlessly, Clark’s vocals dancing amid a blizzard of notes.

She’s joined on Strange Mercy by Grammy winner Bobby Sparks (mini Moog, clavinet, Arp, Wurlitzer), Midlake’s MacKenzie Smith (drums), Daniel Hart (violin), and Beck keyboardist/musical director Brian LeBarton, among others. It’ll be available 9/12 in the UK and 9/13 in the US via 4AD. Until then, here’s the cover of Big Black classic “Kerosene” Clark tore into at the Our Band Could Be Your Life concert a couple weeks ago:

[Photo by Tina Tyrell]

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  1. Is “children’s hospital” a funny show? I don’t know! But as long as that clown is in my face, I will steer clear of this blog! AAARRRAAAGGGhH! I hate that clown!

  2. I have never watched it! That clown is giving me the creeps though!

  3. clowns are creepy. and i’m extremely excited for this album.

  4. Childrens Hospital and St. Vincent are both awesome! I highly encourage you to watch the show tonight and buy the album in September. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

  5. I always forget to record childrens hospital, I really badly want to watch it.

    Can’t wait for the album, and is the title image the album cover?

  6. She is so perfect.


  8. that was so cool!

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