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As mentioned in last week’s Radiohead’s 20 Best Cover Songs post, our dear leaders’ fifth album Amnesiac turns ten years old this weekend. Viewed as a more human companion to its boundary pushing cousin Kid A (recorded during the same sessions and released eight months prior), Amnesiac is an equally progressive statement of alt-rock reinvention. To celebrate the milestone we’ve collected cover versions of every track on Amnesiac as a nod to the album’s far-reaching impact. Not surprisingly, many genres (jazz, classical, bluegrass, etc) are represented here, and the songs are performed by artists both famous (Flaming Lips) and obscure (thanks YouTubers). Hope you enjoy…

1. “Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box”

covered by David Bazan

2. “Pyramid Song”

covered by Wolf Gang

3. “Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors”

covered by Dustveil

4. “You And Whose Army?”

covered by John Frusciante

5. “I Might Be Wrong”

covered by Amnesiac Quartet

6. “Knives Out”

covered by The Flaming Lips

7. “Morning Bell/Amnesiac”

covered by Chris Thile

8. “Dollars And Cents”

covered by FloodFill

9. “Hunting Bears”

covered by Jemvie

10. “Like Spinning Plates”

covered by Christopher O’Riley

11. “Life In A Glasshouse”

covered by USC Trombone Choir

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  1. I’m old.

  2. I really like Wolf Gang’s Pyramid Song, even though they haven’t changed that much. It’s such a scary song to even touch and I think they did a great job on it.

    Flaming Lips’ Knives Out is awful.

  3. Technically that Chris Thile track sounds like the “Kid A” version… ;)

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  5. Dollars & Cents is among my favorite RH songs of all time. And for that and that alone, I will forever cherish this 10-year old album.

  6. that pyramid song video is scary as f**k. Nightmares.

  7. Bazan’s the man!

  8. That “Dustveil” Pull/Pull Revolving Doors is fucking awesome.

  9. Wow it’s radiohead month at stereogum and heck I’m a-ok with that!

    If it’s one song from Amnesiac you don’t want to eff up it’s “Pyramid Song” that being said Wolf gang did an amazing job! Probably the best cover up there. love the dual vocals and the creepy video.

  10. haha…so funny hearin’ a ‘country boy’ singing radiohead with a southern drawl. kinda ‘yikes’ kinda …’ehh ok?’ idk hehe.

  11. Yes Knives Outttt catch the mouse put him in yr mouth!!! I love that one, good one to jam on and sing. one of my faves and yes I know they sorta bite part of the guitar from “Paranoid Android,” but that’s cool. Maybe even awesome.

  12. Not that these covers aren’t all fantastic, but why didn’t Stereogum to this for Kid A?
    I’d take Kid A over Amnesiac any day.

  13. i shot that Frusciante video.

    I was in LA at the Roxy for a Depeche Mode KROQ exclusive performance. Frusciante and his friend, Josh Klinghoffer, also attended the show. I talked to Josh and John who were getting ready to head over to Tower Records Sunset to buy the record. Tagged along and made the purchase as well. Jump to the LA Weekly Awards where John is nominated in a category, that he loses to Beck that night. He did this song, not many people knew it since it was still fairly new.

    I’m kind of excited it was chosen. Thanks. Sorry about the shitty watermark on it. Being young and inexperienced ya sometimes learn the hard way.

    Thanks for reading.

  14. I personally feel like Amnesiac is overlooked frequently, but I also notice that the cover of “Morning Bell” they posted for Amnesiac is actually Kid A’s version, not Morning Bell/Amnesiac. That really grates me in particular, because that’s one of the songs that drew me to Amnesiac so.

  15. Radiohead’s most alluring song “The Amazing Sounds of Orgy” was a b-side on the “Pyramid Song” single.

  16. thank you Stereogum !!! album “tribute to radiohead” on deezer :

    by Amnesiac quartet !

    Sébastien Paindestre

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