Kate Bush is back in the news and so is one of her offspring: Over the weekend Natasha Khan and a string quartet performed a new Bat For Lashes song at the Sydney Opera House during a two-night stand as part of Australia’s Vivid Festival. She also did her studio version of Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove” and her takes on Radiohead’s “All I Need” and the Cure’s “Lullaby,” if you’re keeping track of inspirations. Listen to/look at the new song and a couple of those covers.

The fan-shot video:

(Both via TwentyFourBit)

Her Cure and Radiohead:

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  1. I was there. It was so incredibly awesome!

    She also did a stunning rendition of Wild is the Wind.

  2. Wow… Lullaby was really fantastic.

    I really can’t wait for her next album, Two Suns was one of my favorite albums of the past however many years.

    I understand the Kate Bush comparisons, but I don’t know if I am a big fan of them. If the comparisons are to a woman making original and artistic work, then I am okay. But too often Kate Bush comparisons are just because it is a woman who signs. I believe Brandon made the comparison because of the originality and artistry of her work, and I’m sure the performance art feature.

    • Comparisons to Kate Bush are okay—Natasha is definitely a contemporary artist that drew at least some of her inspiration from those before her, like every other musician. But to lead off an article with a direct implication that there would have never been Bat for Lashes without Kate Bush (hence the world, “offspring”) is kinda lame.

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