From their love of psychedelic rock and stoner funk to their chunky aviators and half-buttoned polyester shirts, NYC octet the Phenomenal Handclap Band are hopelessly devoted to a kitschy ’70s revival that might never happen. But it makes for a pretty fun live show. Because having eight apparently isn’t enough, their debut Self-Titled features guest appearances from the likes of Aurelio Valle, Carol C, TV On The Radio’s Jaleel Bunton, Bart Davenport, Jon Spencer, and Lady Tigra. PHCB’s first video is for “You’ll Disappear,” featuring a lead vocal from Carol C (of Si*Sé), which sounds something like if School Of Seven Bells listened to more George Clinton and no Cocteau Twins. They’re strongest on stage, so it’s fitting that the vid is a montage of various live clips from recent sets in the city.

An MP3:

Self-Titled is out 6/23 via Friendly Fire.

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  1. Your VIDEOS all SUCK!!! I click on to listen & watch & BOOM!!! Every 2 seconds they stop & then maybe—MAYBE—they start again!!! It RUINS everything–the vid & the song!! Why don’t YOU take CARE of these things!!!???!!!

  2. Cindy  |   Posted on Jun 9th, 2009 0

    Great song. I don’t see any aviators or polyester tho. They are great live, indeed.

  3. Anonymous  |   Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 0

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  4. WTF it loads soo fuckin slow

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