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  • The Horrors @ Wireless Festival 2011, London 7/3/11
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The Horrors

A few weeks back seemingly all of you enjoyed “Still Life,” a promising self-produced track from British post-punkers the Horrors that signaled a sonic shift to debonair synth-rock a la P-Furs. Now you can stream the band’s entire third LP Skying in the player below (and see pics from yesterday’s Wireless Fest set above) one week in advance of its official release.

Skying is out 8/9 via XL.

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  1. I Love you stereogum, I’ve been dying to hear this for the past 3 years.

  2. Somebody please highlight the exciting parts of this album because I couldnt seem to find any.

  3. given their campiness or image-centricity or whatever you want to call it at the outset, this is like the last band I would have expected to have artistic longevity but there you go. guess the same could probably be said of blur or radiohead or many british bands that ended up being great.

  4. Farris! I’m going to write a paper about how the Horrors have seen me through the first time i wanted to be goth (16), then also the second time I wanted to be goth in an 80s post-punk way (21).

  5. The first track blew me away…but I wait in the reeds for a band to pull off this sound in such a melodic, interesting way. Lots of boring bands in this genre, unfortunately.

  6. big expectations met. to say the least. they have evolved greatly and im proud although at times its a tad too ambient, overall its very relaoxing and enthchanting and to those of whom say its “boring”, appreciation is all about living the moment, about letting the music take you away, no peice of music is ‘boring’ because it if it was you’d be miss understanding it.

    • “no peice of music is ‘boring’ because it if it was you’d be miss understanding it.”

      that has got to be the dumbest broad statement I heard all week.

      • that’s your own opinion, music is a gift and every piece of music is in tune with a different array of persons. for example i dont take to metal but i do take to alternative rock, pop etc. every peice of music will appeal to at least somebody in this world. and you my friend are ever so ignorant, good luck with life if you can see the beauty in everything around you!

  7. What an excellent and mature record. They really have evolved a lot over the years. It’s a lot sunnier than Primary Colours, but I think some of the synth influences suit them.

  8. I am officially a huge fan. They keep getting better with every album. I tagged these guys as gimmicky when the first came out. I guess you shouldn’t judge an album(s) by its cover. This is fantastic music.

  9. This is fucking fantastic. Primary Colours was one of my favourite albums in quite a while, but I think this actually tops it.

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