Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie

“The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie” is the first single from RHCP’s Damien Hirst-designed, Rick Rubin-produced 10th studio album I’m With You. How different will it sound with guitarist Josh Klinghoffer having replaced the irreplaceable John Frusciante? “We still sound like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it’s really a lot different,” Flea told us in last month’s Progress Report. “Josh is a very textural, poetic, and sublime musician, and just comes at it from a different angle than anything that we’ve had before.” Take a listen to “Rain Dance Maggie” below and see if you agree.

“The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” hits digital retailers on Monday and Kreayshawn (!) has directed a video for it. I’m With You is out 8/30 via Warner Bros.

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  1. Replace Anthony with Adam Levine and this could be a Maroon 5 song.
    Not a good sign for a band whose kick-off singles used to sound like “Give It Away”, “Warped”, and “Dani California”. (And that’s only including RHCP 2.0, not even the original sound of the first records…)
    Not saying you can’t progress and change up your sound, but I’ll be staying away from this album if this is RHCP 3.0.

  2. Ouch, the Maroon 5 comparison is a little harsh. It’s not that bland and annoying! But I do agree with you that this is a bit of a disappointment as a first single.

  3. this would be a good song if it was completely different.

  4. Was just wondering about their new album earlier. If this is really the catchiest/best song that they could choose from the album to show people the new sound then I think we’re looking at a flub. The chorus is awkward, I somewhat agree with the Maroon 5 comparison but I don’t think a Maroon 5 has ever put me to sleep quite like this. Not feeling it.

  5. did everyone just take a universal shit on the new record?
    gotta hear this in the context of rest of the record.
    Agree the chorus is a bit awkward at first blush…

    But i do actually like the guitar playing. Its quite fresh.
    The tone is really cool – quite psychedelic. Interesting how its mixed back…i am still looking forward to this record.

  6. I agree that I’ll need to wait until I hear the entire album before I can really judge this song, or their “new sound” (wow, I hope not). Which is a nice change compared to so much other new music. I rarely skip a single track through the first few listens of a RHCP album.

    However, I HATE how far back the guitar is mixed. Anthony’s vocals are too far forward, too. Push Anthony back just a little and pull the guitar up even with the bass and you’ve got a regular old RHCP song. Why they would put the guitar so far back that it sounds like the guy is nervously playing along from a different room is beyond me and it sounds freakin’ weird.

    Otherwise, I like the song. I especially like the groove parts with the extra percussion quite a bit.

  7. I haven’t enjoyed RHCP in a long time. After they released “Dani California”, I kinda of pushed them to the backburner…and now THIS. THIS is SHIT. Not cool RHCP, not cool.

  8. It makes me think of the new GnR stuff, it’s like, these songs are really good… but way to alienate your back catalogue

  9. Radio-friendly. Safe. Inoffensive. Schoolkids would love this. Perhaps.

  10. people who don’t like this song are more likely to post on this thread than people who do. fact.

  11. I thought it was pretty good. You guys are all douches.

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  13. Not terrible, on first listen. The real test is if I hate it or not after the thousandth listen. Chilli Peppers do get played into the ground.

  14. Remember when these guys were a rock band? Now its the smooth sounds of California.

  15. you guys have it all wrong. this is the new incubus, and it’s good!

  16. Comes a time in every band’s life where they turn into dad rock.

  17. i really just wanna see what the hell Kreayshawn is gonna do with it.

  18. b*o*o*o*o*r*i*n*g but a fancy cover by D.H. !

  19. Had a feeling they’d be over and done with as soon as Frusciante left the building. Definitely not the same band without his guitar tone. This reminds me of when Weezer put out “Make Believe.” Lots of whoa-oh’s and hey-now’s and cheesed up BS. It was a good run, RHCP.

  20. Oh my! You don’t need to be the RHCP to write a song like this! What happened to the freaky funk???

  21. Instrumentation isn’t bad at all – this song would be so much better with AK’s shallow lyrics being less prominent. I’m sure there will be a couple classics on this new album, but this isn’t one.

    You can’t hate RHCP for not remaining funk forever – bands evolve. I love their earlier stuff way better, but it’s not a zero-sum game. You don’t lose out when music is created, no matter how bad it sounds.

  22. Bands evolve over time. Some people can follow that and others cannot.

    This is a fun, catchy song that is just long enough. After hearing this song – and knowing what Flea and Josh are capable of musically – I’m excited to hear the rest of the album. Very excited, actually.

    As an aside, I hope some of their older material is resurrected for their live shows. How cool would it be to see & hear an off-kilter, Cecil Taylor-inspired rendition of “True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes”; with Flea playing piano (not bass!) and Josh switching between slide guitar and making in-tune feedback & white noise on an analog synth? It could happen folks.

    And for you anti-societal riff raff, with shoe polish shamelessly smeared on your faces, making Maroon 5 comparisons and such – to you, I say this:

    If Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend, Spoon or Stephen “Horse Race Breeder” Malkmus released this song, you would be joyously smearing yourselves in the face with your own post-masturbatory juices while strutting down Bedford Avenue.

    • Please. I could almost respect your opinion, however boring, until you made the last assertion. That kind of presumptive arrogance is pathetic.

    • no, if modest mouse released this song, i would be monumentally baffled. as to why they sound exactly like the chili peppers.

      then i would sling my post-masturbatory juices at you for being such an insufferable twat.

  23. Haven’t liked much from RHCP since Blood Sugar Sex Magik… this is pretty decent.

  24. Wow! Long way from Me and My Friends, Sexy Mexican Maid, and Blood, Sugar, Sex Magic, just to name a few. Out of loyalty, I’m willing to give the rest of the album a listen because after all, what album doesn’t have a weak track or two? BUT if this track is indicative of the rest of the album, OH BOY … Not feeling it at all. Imagine being at a show and having to listen to this after hearing some great RHCP classics?!!

  25. It was kind of a damned-if-you-do/don’t situation for the Chilis….on the one hand, they could have written another Chili Peppers song that sounds like every other one of their songs. On the other hand, they could have experimented with sounds/styles they hadn’t before…which is what they’ve done.

    It’s not great, but there are much worse mainstream songs on the radio. If this were the new single from a band I was actually looking forward to I’d be disappointed but given the fact that the Chilis are past their prime, it’s tolerable.

    tl;dr- I like the bass.

  26. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2011 0

    i like listening to this because it sounds PRECISELY what i imagine these three monkeys (who just lost their MVP) to come up with. i can’t believe a band who has been playing for this long could produce something so average AND bland, this sounds like my crappy high school band when i was in 11th grade, not the work of 40-something pros. the bassline on the verse is laughable.

  27. This song isn’t half as bad as people are making it out to be. I’m liking the texture on this new guy’s guitar playing.

    • With this in mind, I remember hearing all this same shit when By The Way came out. I don’t know how people feel about that album now, but I feel it’s definitely one of their best album, and it was one where they experimented and tried new sounds–like what we’re hearing here.

      • Yeah, By The Way is definitely one of my favorites by RHCP. But I can definitely see how bad the chili peppers need John Frusciante. Josh is a great guitarist, and songwriter I’m sure, but John is the missing puzzle piece for this band.

      • I love By The Way. That’s my favorite too, great summer time album.

  28. everyone saying negative shit was going to say that regardless of what this single sounded like. Lets face it, most of you are so damn jaded. Real fans are real fans. If you dont like it, i bet bieber could use some more fans.

  29. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Jul 19th, 2011 +1

    i like that an RHCP fan like this clown ^^^ feel as if they are part of some sort of “community.” does the sense community you feel come from the beer spilled on you by your fellow bro at a RHCP show at MSG? yeah, dude, you’re a “REAL fan!!!!”

  30. They can do better than this, so I hope for more. Chili Peppers used to be my heroes when they still were childish anf offensive, but I also loved Californication. Now they seem to have got stuck somewhere in super-polished-produced-la-la-land. I guess everybody gotta grow up sometime but don’t go down this road RHCP, please!

  31. The bass line reminds me of a funked out Seven Nation Army.

  32. Its actually grown on me quite a bit. So much so that I think I like it now. The mix is still really weird, though.

    Also, I respect everyone’s opinions – they are subjective after all. But all this talk of “they haven’t made a good record since” and “its not like this that or the other album” – nonsense. None of their albums from one to the next have ever sounded exactly the same (save maybe Californication and By The Way being pretty similar). And Stadium Arcadium sold ridiculously well, so clearly people still dig what they’re doing. I happen to be one of those people, I just hope the entire new album isn’t this, I don’t know, light.

  33. jesus…..

  34. This is a good song. Stop being contrived hipster snobs and try to enjoy SOME mainstream music.

  35. Couldn’t listen to the whole thing the first time when this popped up. Now I could and I sorta liked it. The chorus is kinda…fun?

  36. I liked it. And I think the new guitarist rocks it. Sounds good.

  37. I’ve listened to it a few times but it still sounds like a RHCP covers band….hope it grows and the album is better than Stadium Arcadium!

  38. I have heard worse by them, I wasn’t the biggest fan of stadium. They had like 4 decent songs on that album, their best being torture me.By the way was alright and Californication is the best album that defines their “new sound”. My all time fav Blood, Sugar, sex Magik is their album, period with Mother’s Milk a close second. The bass line and cow bell are the best thing about this song. It’s catchy, tight and safe. I hope they have at least 4 decent songs on the new album. Crossing my fingers! People have to realize that bands need to redefine themselves each album. Madonna does it with every album she makes.

  39. In the long run, doesn’t quite match up with classic Chilis sure, and while the funk shall be mourned, theres some really solid elements in here (although as mentioned, the mix could’ve been better). Absolutely love the slide guitar and cowbell, and the bassline has a Flea feel to it. The lyrics are a bit dumb, but hey, its the Chilis. I’m honestly more into this song then I was for Snow and Dani California.

  40. Not sure if I dislike this song or if I hate it.

  41. I love all these 18 year old white hipsters talking about how they ‘miss the funk’! like you guys grew up on the Isley Brothers lol.

    Also I love how Flea talks about the new guitarist

    *droning on one chord*

    ‘yeah he’s such a cosmic textural player man!’ LOL

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