Chris Isaak - "Wicked Game" Video

We’ve posted a handful of “Wicked Games” covers over the years — by Grooms, Girl Crisis, Giant Drag, and other bands that don’t begin with G — but Washed Out’s take for Sirius XMU’s Sessions is the most lush, as Ernest Greene replaces Chris Isaak’s famous guitar vibrato with warm synths. Listen up, Diplo

Washed Out’s XMU session premieres next Wednesday night, 8/3 at 9 PM EST. Within
And Without
is out now via Sub Pop.

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  1. Pretty good, best listened to with some Ambien or Lunesta.

  2. The description says that you’ve also posted a version by Grimes, which got me all excited. Apparently someone made a typo. The link is to a version by Grooms. Tease.

  3. @Scott: there’s no actual slide on the cut. It’s the bending of the vibrato-arm of the guitar. Sorry… I’m a nerd. :)

  4. I dig sadnes’s version as well:

  5. Nice cover, check out Gentleman Reg’s cover of the song also.

  6. it’s horrible!

  7. Check out this cover by widowspeak, singer sounds like mazzy star:….nice recording too.

  8. It’s just doesn’t work-the synth lead just sounds clumsy for me

  9. I’ve always liked HIM’s cover, personally.

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