I’m Corban Goble, the younger of the two new Stereogum staff writers (shout outs Breihan). Previously I was a staff writer for Time Out New York’s music section and I’ve contributed to a bunch of other places and for a while had a pretty decent webzine going. I’m from Kansas, have a delirious love for pop music and had an everything-Radiohead phase in high school where I purchased $40 import B-sides off of eBay and read horribly under-reported unauthorized biographies. The moment I realized I had something going, in terms of having a good feel for new music was when like five separate dudes in my super geeked-out high school Calc class asked me to burn them The Black Album. I’m a bit of closet bro, pigskin-watching, barbecue-eating, rec-hoops playing, beer-drinking, college homecoming-attending, all of that stereotypical awesome Midwestern stuff. New York City always had a mythical hold on me from the first time that I visited, and I moved here as soon as I could and that’s where I’m currently holding it down.

To be able to do this, write about music full-time, is something I recognize as tremendously precious; and not saying that I haven’t done this at least once, I try my best never to take it for granted. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to write for Stereogum, which would probably blow my 16-year-old-Stereogum-reader self away (though I wouldn’t tell him about Kansas University’s 2008 college basketball national title. That one’s for him to enjoy).

So let’s do this, guys. It’s going to be fun. I promise.

Moving on to official business, a new remix of Toro Y Moi’s Underneath The Pine LP-standout “New Beat” dropped this morning and UK producer Star Slinger is the culprit. Padded out with some hand drums and a crystalline starry vibe, it’s a worthy re-interpretation that lives up to its “Dancehall” claim. Grab it here and see for yourself.

Underneath The Pine is out now on Carpark.

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  1. Really cool remix, nice to hear dancehall principles applied to music with cleaner production. Look forward to reading your posts.

  2. star slinger is becoming one of my favorite producers. This doesn’t disappoint.

  3. Keep the remixes coming! Rock Chalk!

  4. Welcome home, Corban.

  5. Diggin the remix. Looking forward to reading more, and it’s not too insane to just want an 8th straight big 12 title right? That’s a good starting point.

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