Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You

So you’ve heard (and seen) “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.” You’ve also been privy to a new, leaked track “Monarchy Of Roses.” You’ve seen Damien Hirst’s pretty-stock-Hirst album cover and read a Progress Report with Flea. You’ve cried tears of exasperation when you heard that a Kreayshawn collaboration was scrapped. Maybe you have done some, but not necessarily all, of these things. What else is there? Can we get our ears on this damned thing?

You can. Is I’m With You any good? Hear for yourself at iTunes.

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  1. i was only able to give it one listen but wow. what an unexpected sound, specially the last few tracks on the album. those took me by surprise. I liked that the album, while having a sort of toned down feel, it kept all the Chili Peppers’ energy intact. I REALLY liked it and am looking forward to next week with huge anticipation! =D

  2. They’ve really phoned this one in. No melodies really pop out and there’s all these unnecessary production effects they throw in to mix things up and don’t end up working at all. And Anthony Kiedes, can you please stop wearing OFF! merchandise in every photo op you get???

  3. I think the band does feel revitalized, and more interesting sonically. Chad Smith appears to have taken some inspiration from his sideproject, his playing is much more lively than recently. I do think the first have of the record is more interesting though. Certainly a worthy addition to the RHCP-canon…

  4. so uhh. this is a pretty lame party

  5. I only like 4 out of 14 tracks. I like that they tried to do some experimental stuff with the album, but without something memorable or catchy it just comes out as obnoxious or forced. It also feels like a bunch of leftover filler from Stadium Arcadium. It’s pretty evident that John was the groups best songwriter.

    I feel bad for Josh, he didn’t have any memorable guitar parts to show his chops and like Dave Navarro, everybody is going to blame him for this flop.

  6. So Corban is Brandon’s replacement? We should have a “Introducing” thread so that I can guess what the next stereogum spin off will be…I hope Corban is a Motown fan so we get “Haunting the bedroom”

  7. shouldn’t some bands just quit while they’re ahead or just tour w/ Jane’s Addiction instead? they’ve been recycling the best moments of Blood Sugar with less and less success going on 10-15 years now. I guess they got to make a living and the stock market is poop and the housing market is poop too. flea’s got great abs though.

  8. So now the real question is:

    Will RHCP headline every music festival in 2012?

  9. So I know it’s “uncool” to like the Chili Peppers in 2011, and yes John is no longer with the group, but I’ve built a bridge about that and I’m looking forward to actually listening to the album next week! I hope others also hold their judgement until they actually listen to it!

  10. this album has such a fresh sound, and some of the songs have parts that completely change the key of the song, like some of the bridges, or choruses, which sounds so uplifting. I’m sure that if these songs were written by John there wouldn’t be so much criticism and it’s sad that so many people would prefer new albums to sound just like copies of BSSM and Stadium Arcadium rather than something actually new and innovative, the way I’m With You is.

  11. I think the fact that the Chili Peppers are still *the* staple of modern rock radio says a lot about that format. There are not many new bands that fit into that model while still being good enough to have any crossover appeal like NIrvana or these guys. Instead of putting bands like Arcade Fire in rotation and giving them a chance, these stations seem to be gravitating towards older music like AC/DC and Guns ‘n’ Roses. Pretty sad state of affairs.

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