Bon Iver 2011

In our Premature Evaluation of Bon Iver’s self-titled second LP, we wrote that album closer “Beth/Rest” recalled Steve Winwood and Bruce Hornsby, and definitely pushed the “cheese” factor furthest. The track was, to say the least, something of a curveball. However, Bon Iver recently took to NPR to do a solo piano version, siphoning out the schmaltz, and it’s pretty great.

(via World Cafe)

Thanks reader Doron for the tip!

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  1. I like it better with cheese.

  2. still one of the best songs of the year

  3. Steve Winwood isn’t cheesy. Just sayin…

  4. that cheese was so cheesy, the first time i listened it blocked my coronary artery and gave me a heart attack!


  5. best song on the album…don’t get the hate

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  7. I thought I hated this song. Every time I heard it, I would get a horrible stomach ache. However, after listening to this version and not getting sick at all, I have reached the conclusion that I am just lactose intolerant. Thanks Dr. Stereogum.

  8. Great song. I like it better than the album version. Thanks, Stereogum!

  9. Can we have a “Week’s Worst Headlines” column?

  10. All my hipster friends decried the cheeze, but after a few listens it became one of my favorites on the album. There. I said it. But if you don’t have a soft spot in your heart for Bruce Hornsby, then YOU, sir or madam, are dead inside!

  11. Well played, good sir

  12. this version sounds WAY cheesier. I like the stripped down piano version but the lower, raspier vocals imo make this one cheezy

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