Jim Carrey Doing "Creep" @ Arlene's Grocery

In the grand tradition of Stereogum covering comedians covering Radiohead, here is putty-faced entertainer Jim Carrey and his band (of course) on the Lower East Side Friday night giving the business to “Creep” at forgotten rock room Arlene’s Grocery for a crowd full of people who, I dunno, are fans enough of Jim Carrey to know he has a band (of course) in the first place. Which probably is a lot of people, come to think of it. So here he is with a solid band, and with a black leather jacket exuding more charisma than the average frontman gracing that venue’s stage. Also Jim’s got good mojo, too. (That is an Arlene’s burn.)

About this clip: You don’t really care it exists, but at the same time you sort of do care and want it to be good enough to send to your “Creep” and/or Carrey-obsessed friend, so it is here for you to share or not share as you wish:

(via Gothamist)

Check out some nice photos of the gig over at pbase.com.

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  1. When Stereogum talks of their “grand tradition of covering comedians covering Radiohead”, I choose to include Scott Weiland to that tradition.

  2. He doesn’t have a band. This was part of a live band karaoke thing that place does. He just happened to show up, I guess.

  3. This band plays “Creep” better than Radiohead does.

  4. Jim Carrey fans need to learn to record videos in widescreen.

    Double tap that iPhone people!

  5. I for one can’t wait to hear Thom Yorke’s cover of “Cuban Pete.”


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