Brooklyn-via-Columbia, MO band White Rabbits tapped Britt Daniel to produce their sophomore record It’s Frightening, hence came its killer single “Percussion Gun.” The track’s done them wonders, no surprise, landing them on Letterman for a memorable performance and now earning them some free wardrobes via Ralph Lauren. The designer’s licensed the song as the soundtrack for their new Fall Collection, which is all about “crisp tailoring and vintage Ivy League pieces meet[ing] fresh, new school details.” That old Ivy League rock descriptor’s got more legs than I realized, I guess. There’s a video of models walking around to the tune over at rugby.com, and a bunch of videos from a recent KEXP session below:

“The Salesman”


“Rudie Falls”

“Percussion Gun”

It’s Frightening is out now via TBA.

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  1. Skare Creau  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 0

    I love the different takes on the songs. Percussion Gun’s building tension added to the fact that it never explodes is brilliant. How did Fox Hunting get left off of the new album? That is my now my favorite WR track.

  2. Columbia, MO.

  3. i like white rabbits and i like models.. but that rugby.com link appears to be incorrect. (rubgy.com)

  4. Frojo  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 0

    I really want a studio cut for Fox Hunting. I saw them perform it live a few weeks ago and it was incredible.

  5. I do hope they got some new suits out of this. I saw White Rabbits play with the Walkmen awhile back, and compared to Ham & Co., their suits did not compare, hee.

  6. gay.

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