Sonic Youth - "100%"

On his Twitter this afternoon, Wavves main man Nathan Williams posted an out-of-nowhere cover of Sonic Youth’s classic Dirty opener “100%,” claiming that he recorded his “quick acoustic” version of the track while getting stoned and watching The Price Is Right. I think he was playing fast and loose with the truth, though, because (1) it has a ton of effects-pedal sounds and doesn’t sound acoustic at all, and (2) I couldn’t hear Drew Carey yelling in the background. He probably was stoned, though. Download the track below.

Wavves’ new EP Life Sux EP is out 9/20 on Ghost Ramp. Read our Progress Report interview with Williams here.

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  1. it actually kind of sounds the way an acoustic guitar does when it’s sent through a bunch of effects pedals and/or recorded through a shitty mic and preamp. But it’s hard to tell.

  2. I’m pretty sure this guy is perpetually stoned…

  3. It sounds like shot shit…

  4. could’ve been kind of cool if it were done with the band.

    but this is just stupid… nathan’s brain;
    ‘well there’s nothing interesting about my cover… I KNOW!!! I’ll interrupt the traditional rock song by making noise with a delay pedal!!’

  5. I think it’s a pretty groovy cover. At least he did something different w/it by slowing it down & not just doing a note for note cover.

  6. I didnt like ist because it doesent rock…!
    It has not the power of the original

  7. Nathan’s been inundating us with new material lately and sometimes the harm in that can be that the audience gets a little worn out in the process. I can’t hold this against him, though, since it’s something he threw together nonchalantly in a matter of minutes.

  8. I love Wavves, almost as much as I love Sonic Youth. I think this cover was one of the few done well. Bravo.

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