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Thom Yorke recently put together a 25-minute DJ mix for XFM, and most of the tracks on it are songs that involve him in some way or another: a couple of tracks of other people remixing Radiohead, his remix of a John Matthias track, that sort of thing. And the big news on the mix is that it features a decent-sized chunk of a new Yorke solo track called “Twist.” It’s a terse bass-music joint with nothing in the way of actual singing from Yorke. His voice is chopped into shards, and it’s not pleasantly refracted the way it was on “Everything In Its Right Place.” Instead, it’s transformed into an itchy, insistent sound effect.

Download the track and to the rest of Yorke’s “Money Back” mix below. We’ve got the mix’s tracklist.

(Note: This MP3 also includes a chunk of Bok Bok & Roska’s remix of Modeselektor’s “Art & Cash.”)

(via One Thirty BPM)


01 John Matthias (With Nick Ryan) – “Cortical Songs” (Thom Yorke Remix)
02 Thom Yorke – “Twist” (excerpt)
03 Modeselektor – “Art & Cash” (Bok Bok & Roska Remix)
04 Radiohead: “Good Evening Mrs Magpie” (Modeselektor Remix )
05 Tinariwen – “Tenere Taqqim Tossam” (Four Tet Remix)
06 Fela Kuti – “Roforofo Fight” (Edit)
07 Radiohead – “Give Up The Ghost” (Thriller Houseghost Remix)
08 Radiohead – “Bloom” (Blawan Remix)

Comments (33)
  1. Any of you guys like AC/DC ?

  2. I like Radiohead…not this!

  3. A very dizzying listen that I’m sure those waking up with a post-Thirsty Thursday hangover are loving right now!

  4. Thom Yorke is twisting my melon, man.

  5. Rappin’ Ronnie Regan?

    “Well well w-w-w-w-w-welll well well”

  6. Reagan*

    my bad

  7. The next Rick Roll?

  8. Thom Yorke, you make me cry. When you sing, that is. When you make rubbish music, I just turn you off.

  9. Sounds like something a Duchess would make…

  10. Did ANY of you people listen past the first half?


  11. Didn’t think I’d be in the minority in loving this track. I find that the more electronic and experimental Thom Yorke’s music is, the more I like it.

  12. this makes me want to dance, that’s all that matters

  13. I’m absolutely obsessed with nearly everything Yorke/Radiohead have ever done….that said, this is worthless.

  14. involuntary sharting

  15. I never thought it’d be be possible me to not enjoy a Thom Yorke song…

  16. I know the beginning of this song is hard to get through, but the pay off is absolutely worth it when it coalesces around 2:30

  17. this is BOLSHIT main. this is a long way from the kid a tree

  18. honestly, did any of you numbskulls actually listen all the way through??.. gets “proper mash-up” at the end.. and in fact its the very essence of the KidA release.. progressive and bang on

  19. Dear Thom Yorke. Please stop.

  20. uhhhh, yeah. as a total radiohead/yorke apologist i must say this is about worthless. not even tempted to hear it again let alone download. oh well, 9 out of 10 is ok with me.

  21. The issue with this track isn’t style; electronic, etc. The issue is that it’s just not a great song, in my opinion.. especially considering Thom’s high capability.

  22. Honestly, i need to know, are people having issues with just the beginning of this track, or the ENTIRE thing, like, everything past the 2:30 minute mark TOO?

    I just don’t see it. Sure it doesn’t sound like Radiohead or Thom Yorke’s solo stuff but it’s fucking amazingly fun and good when it gets where it’s going. I’m really excited about him moving in the direction of that sound.

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