As another new Ryan Adams performance video surfaced today — “Chains Of Love” — we finally learned where the wellspring originated. Adams recorded the videos at his new L.A. Studio, where his new LP Ashes & Fire was recorded, a space that holds an astonishing array of analog recording gear that includes equipment previously used by Elvis, the Beatles, and Metallica, among others. Previously in this series of live acoustic sessions, Adams put out “Ashes & Fire,” “Dirty Rain” and “Let It Ride,” so you can get an idea of his headspace at the moment. For people down on Adams’s last decade of output, there’s a lot to be encouraged by here.

Ashes & Fire is out 10/11 on Pax-Am/Capitol. The Guardian recently sat down with Adams to talk about his outlook on life, music and the new record.

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  1. Like his last ten years catalog or not (and I LOVE it…I celebrate his entire collection :-), EVERYTHING Ryan Adams does is worth listening to because he is a true musical and lyrical genius. He is the Beethoven and the Walt Whitman of our times. Not listening is turning your back on histories legend of our day. I dig him, just a little.

  2. Just damn good American music. Nobody screams and pisses love in America more than DRA. Whether he wallows or revels, he is there in real time, muckraking existence.

  3. Not happy with his last 10 years of output? That is puzzling. Why would that person bother to try again after 10 years. Hoping possibly Ryan will record something new that sounds like what you liked 10 years ago? Maybe someone can explain this to me…

  4. 10 years? Don’t you mean like…half that?

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