Oddisee - Rock Creek Park

Last week, our Mixtape Of The Week was Rock Creek Park, a mostly-instrumental album of bucolic, gorgeously orchestrated tracks from the D.C.-area rapper/producer Oddisee. Now, Oddisee has recruited his D.C. rap crew to add verses to the album-closing instrumental “Closed After Dark.” Now titled “For Certain,” the new track bumps hazily and quotes OutKast’s “Aquemini” to great effect. Grab it below.

Rock Creek Park is out now. If you haven’t listened to it yet, by all means, do so.

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  1. I hope this whole album can get some rapper love. I’ve been listening to it on repeat as it is, and I can only imagine what some of my favorite emcees could do to it. Really like yU but I can’t seem to find anything else he’s done partially because you don’t get many rappers when you google yU.

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