Fucked Up

Earlier this year, around the same time they released their massive rock opera David Comes To Life, Fucked Up also dropped a companion piece called David’s Town, a fake compilation in which the band portrayed a number of different era-specific fictional British punk bands. One of those tracks, “Do You Feed” (credited to fake band Animal Man) now has a video, in which Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook tries out his British accent and goes on a date with Fucked Up bassist Sandy Miranda. It’s really cute! Lance Ludwig directs. Watch it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Nerd alert: The name Animal Man has to be a Grant Morrison reference, right?

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  1. Are they dating for realz? They kind of look non-Fucked Up-y and too genuine with their smooches in this vid to fake that sort of chemistry. Sidenote: On the subject of Fucked Up-but-not-Fucked-Up releases, Ben’s other project Marvelous Darlings just released what I think is their first output, a collection of singles and stuff on cassette through Burger Records. It’s pretty good in a Cheap Trick way.

    • You didn’t notice the “gag” when he gave her the first kiss on the cheek? I bet there was beer involved, by the end of the video she is lip synching like a lush

  2. she’s purty

  3. Ben’s haircut does FUCK me UP because he looks decently stylish.

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