Justice - Audio, Video, Disco

You’ve heard “Helix” and seen the videos for “Civilization” and “Audio, Video, Disco.” And now French dance monsters Justice are letting the world hear a whole bunch of tracks from their new album Audio, Video, Disco all at once. They’ve combined every one of the 12 tracks on the album into a four-minute megamix, and it’s a bit weird how that megamix could almost pass for a regular Justice track. Listen at Consequence Of Sound.

Audio, Video, Disco is out 10/25 on Ed Banger/Because/Elektra.

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  1. I need this whole album in my life!

  2. these previews are actually making me less excited for this album…

  3. I wasn’t one to call Justice a couple of Daft Punk ripoffs back in ’07 and I still will not demote them to that, but notice this:

    1997 – Homework -> FOUR YEARS LATER -> 2001 – Discovery
    2007 – Cross -> FOUR YEARS LATER -> 2011 – Audio, Video, Disco

    Same exact release patterns. Both four years apart. Justice exactly ten years after each DP album.

    • i up voted this comment just because i have to believe it is complete sarcasm.

    • It’s a conspiracy! Also, if you take all the letters except the ‘r’ out of Justice’s first album’s title and add a bunch more letters, you get “HOMEWORK.”

      I think I’m the next Sherlock Holmes or something.

  4. Did anyone else hear the beginning and think of ‘Beat It’?
    The lyrics even start with the word ‘beat’

  5. There were a handful of moments that reminded me of Phrazes For The Young. Not bad, but not Justice.

  6. Helix onward sounds especially dope. Anyone hear any Big Pink in this?

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