Stereogum & Bella Union Present: Beach House @ Iceland Airwaves 2011

Next week, Stereogum is putting on a show a little further from the south side of Williamsburg than we’re used to: We’ve teamed up with Bella Union to present a night of music in Iceland’s Reykjavik Art Museum, headlined by the great, Scandinavia-loving American band Beach House. The undercard features some regionally homegrown talent — Borko, Hjaltalín, Retro Stefson — and the event comes as part of this year’s Iceland Airwaves festival. Scott and I will be there for our first time, and for the duration, reporting on both the local scene and how it feels to be so short and unattractive in relation to it.

This show is 10/13. Here’s the timetable, and some listen links:

23:00 – Beach House
22:00 – Retro Stefson
21:00 – Hjaltalín
20:00 – Borko

Seeing Beach House overseas will be great, especially since it was just around this time five years ago that we had our first encounter with the band, at a tiny, unforgettable Cake Shop set during CMJ 2006. On that note, though: If for whatever reason you can’t make it to Reykjavik next week, please don’t worry — over the next four days we will be announcing a couple of shows situated squarely in the south side of Williamsburg that we expect you to attend. Don’t lock in your CMJ schedules until you’ve heard about them. They’re worth it.

See you next week, Iceland. If you have some tips, on bands or restaurants or bars or how to recreate this Bon Iver video, please let us know.

[Flyer by Seldon Hunt]

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  1. Stereogum readers in Iceland are jónsing over this news.

    My third time in a row at Iceland Airwaves this year !
    Reeeally looking forward to see Beach House ! Actually I didn’t know until now that you were hosting the show !
    Retro Stefson and Hjaltalín are very good, and Borko also.., but he’s by far the best when he’s being a member of FM Belfast.

    If you’re looking for good icelandic bands to see then be shure not to miss Agent Fresco ! They are playing a couple of times at the festival but I think wednesday 23:20 o’clock at Nasa will be the best time to see them.
    Mammút are also really good, Kiriyama Family (80′s pop), Sykur (electro), Berndsen (more 80′s pop), Of monsters and men (a veeery indie band, some would say they are copying Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire and many more like them), Pétur Ben & Eberg, Reykjavík!, HAM (best metal you’ll see this year, be shure to check out their song Dauð hóra (dead whore) and Partytown (THE party anthem of iceland, everyone here agrees on this), Mugison (resembles The black keys and such), Bloodgroup and of course GusGus.

    And be shure to check out some concert at Faktorý, one of the most fun venues at IA.

    Restaurants, hmmmm, Humarhúsið is one of the most famous, but also expensive, everyone will also tell you to get an icelandic hot dog at bæjarins bestu (and you will), Argentína steikhús good but very expensive, Vegamót has very good spanish food and not so expensive, oh and of course there’s Prikið, one of the most popular and legendary bars in Reykjavík, veeery good burgers there also !

    Haha and the Bon Iver video was shot mostly in the south of iceland ( I think) and that’s also where I live !

  3. Forever Australian :-(
    Though to be fair, maybe if we had something as cool as Iceland Airwaves maybe you’d come on over. We don’t.

  4. Of course you can !

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