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  • Kanye West Visits Occupy Wall Street
Tags: / Credit: via @UncleRush
Kanye and Russell Simmons

Kanye West, not to be outdone by Jeff Mangum, headed down to Occupy Wall Street today. Pics are being taken and tweeted, which we’ll add — along with reports — as they roll in.

UPDATE: And he’s gone! Apparently, he just walked through the melee before exiting (via @UncleRush). Check out a video below…

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  2. Disagree. I like this new sort of music news AND music blog that stereogum is going in. Keep it up guys!

  3. He should pull up in his other other Benz.

  4. Wtf is that, an interpreter? The man is right there.. You wanna stand in solidarity with the people, say so yourself instead of parading some bullshit affectation.

  5. cat gotcha tongue?

  6. this isn’t going to help ‘Occupy Wall Street’s reputation as being a bunch of College Dropouts.

  7. Kanye is the poster boy for capitalist excess (listen to his songs?). The notion of Kanye being on the same page as the occupy wall street protesters is laughable. If you ever wanted an example of someone jumping on a bandwagon, well, here it is

    • “How did all these people know I would be here??” – Kanye West

    • Actually, I HAVE listened to his songs… and while he does enjoy bragging about all he’s achieved and gained materially, his songs also include some of the most direct and emotional calls for social justice we have in music today…

      …and there doesn’t have to be a contradiction there… people who work hard to CREATE things deserve to be rewarded…

      the banks create NOTHING… they work very very very hard to create NOTHING… there is a difference there.

  8. He lost his voice?

  9. Michael_  |   Posted on Oct 11th, 2011 +1

    According to OneThirtyBPM, Die Antwoord are currently at Occupy Wall Street. The weird part is that just a few hours ago I was just wondering whatever happened to them, considering all the hot water I put myself in on here with Lana Del Rey-gate.

    • I’ve read this 5 times and it doesn’t make sense.

      • Michael_  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011 0

        Sorry, I will explain myself further!

        So, Die Antwoord got much of their buzz in a similar fashion as Lana Del Rey did via mysterious blog-worthy viral music, and it was because of all the Lana Del Rey buzz that I had remembered a year ago, Die Antwoord were releasing their debut to polarizing criticism. I haven’t heard much news from them since then, therefore it was weird that the day they actually made news headline was the day I was just wondering what they were up to.

  10. Wow! God sent us a black angel in the form of Kanye West! Did anyone else notice how awesome his quotes were? Whenever Russel Simmons was asked a question, Kanye nodded his head with such voracious passion. It was like he didn’t have to say a word to convey his passion. He spoke to my soul. What a man, what an ambassador to peace. God bless Kanye West for his continued inspiration and political ambitions.

  11. Russell is a hypocrite – he did the same thing to the beasties that wall street is doing the country. with basically the same impact. but we will have our paul’s boutique, america. we will have it.


  12. i hate kanye.

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