The 10 Best xx Covers

The xx’s music is fertile ground for imaginative covers, thanks to the space that the band creates and maintains within its own songs. Inspired by yesterday’s Tracey Thorn w/ Ben Watt cover of “Night Time,” we’ve collected nine more of the best xx tributes. Including a bonus Taylor Momsen cover! Score! Previously: The 10 Best Indie Rock Beyoncé Covers.

OMD – “VCR” (Rough Mix)

Four Tet – “VCR”

Gorillaz – “Crystalised”

The Antlers – “VCR”*

Matthew Dear – “VCR”

Shakira – “Islands”

jj – “Intro”

El Perro Del Mar – “Shelter”

Hercules & Love Affair – “Shelter”

Tracey Thorn w/ Ben Watt – “Night Time”

Taylor Momsen – “Love The Way You Lie”/”Islands”


*UPDATE: Download the Antlers’ studio take here.

Comments (19)
  1. love that Four Tet remix. Lookin forward to checkin out the others

  2. What About Birdy’s cover of Shelter?

  3. gorillaz and hercules & love affair for the win <3

  4. I’ve always felt like the appeal of the xx was more in the production than the actual songs. Most of these covers don’t do anything particularly interesting with the songs, and seem kind of pointless to me. The Tracy Thorn/Ben Watt cover, four tet remix and jj redub (or whatever you want to call it) are all fantastic exceptions though :D

  5. How is this thread about ‘the best XX covers’, and not just ‘all XX covers’?

    I mean…Shakira…really?

  6. shakira… are u serious¿?

  7. I actually prefer the Shakira cover of “Islands”. As much as I love the xx’s minimalist style, I believe that that song is better with more energy and passion.

  8. Not a cover as such but this is still awesome:

  9. cut that shakira crap, “Night Time” cover by Tracey Thorn its by fav :3

  10. There should be a Running Man-style collar on Shakira that explodes her head if she tries to cover good bands.

  11. Dale Earnhart Jr Jr – VCR

    How’d you miss it?

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