It’s CMJ! High five! One of the precious few weeks each year when indie rock publicists ease up on sending me 500 e-mails a day (#whitewhine). But while Stereogum put on two sold-out showcases in Williamsburg, the music news cycle rolled on. Kim & Thurston broke up. The Stone Roses made up. And we got our first listens to new LPs by Coldplay, Florence + The Machine, and Loutallica. (I’m gonna be Loutallica for Halloween, btw.) After the jump, as referenced by Titus Andronicus’ Patrick Stickles onstage at Glasslands Tuesday, the highest and lowest rated comments of the past seven days.


#10 richie almost-dies | Oct 14th Score:12

Kimono+neck rings+jean shorts+beard+glasses=


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#9 MikeyObviously | Oct 17th Score:13

I was saying boo-urns.

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#8 pinkgimp | Oct 20th Score:14

visual comment…

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#7 Dr. Feelgood | Oct 20th Score:15

You should change the headline to “Everyone, Everywhere Unhappy With Rolling Stone”

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#6 djfreshie | Oct 17th Score:15

Stop advertising your blog in the comments of a different blog, shithead.

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#5 Michael_ | Oct 18th Score:16

I think Owens’ original tweet hits the heart of the entire Lana Del Rey debate in that while she has put out a few okay pop songs, there are bands like GIRLS who’ve made two whole albums and an EP worth of quality material all on their own (on top of being a proven decent live act) that should take precedence of the music world’s attention. Life isn’t always fair to those who’ve earned it, though, and that’s what sucks.

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Tyrone J. Cadogan | Oct 15th Score:16


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Brandon Walsh | Oct 17th Score:17

not using you’re correctly, but apparently people are on your side.

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#2 SubSickAlien | Oct 15th Score:18

First REM break up and now this? R.I.P. College Rock 1980-2011 ?


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Jacob Taylor | Oct 17th Score:-11

I don’t mean to be rude, but why is Coldplay even getting mentioned on this site?

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Christopher Robert Iqal | Oct 17th Score:-16

coldplay’s xylo myloto exclusive review. #first

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#3 andycasablancas | Oct 19th Score:-18

Sounds like malicious gay faggotry.

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Barry Gregory | Oct 17th Score:-21

The songs are definitely growing on us. Love “Paradise”

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#1 mr. chaka | Oct 19th Score:-23

This is the exact opposite of the Lou Reed / Metallica project: listenable.

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Phil Lofton | Oct 20th Score:3

This album is awesome if you picture muppets performing it.

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  1. AWESOME!!! Can’t believe I got Editor’s Choice! Thanks Scott!

    • And btw, Beaker was EXACTLY who I had in mind for Lou. His constant look of confusion really says to me “I want to have you doubting
      Every meaning you’ve amassed”

  2. On topic of the self-promotion clutter, there’s a place for it here on the site and it’s called your user profile. Stereogum has been pretty liberal with conveniently supplying fields in it that allow you to link to your website, facebook, Twitter,, hypemachine and MySpace pages if you choose.

    • I would like to point out, (in a friendly manner!) about that time your alter-ego self-promoted for me, and the result was my highest website traffic in weeks.

      To be honest, I’m not even that against self-promoting your band in a post. Especially when it’s relevant and you’re at least a little humble and self-aware about it (“hey, so sorry to do this, but we sort of sound like these guys,, maybe check out our bandcamp if you’re interested…”) its not a great way to promote but fine.

      And promoting your blog when it’s solicited or when it’s at least semi-appropriate, like you’re having a dialogue with someone (and again, self-awareness is key)

      But when you self-promote your band or blog where there is no relevance, and you offer no context, and it is unsolicited, that is the definition of spam. Honestly I have to say, I completely support banning those commenters. That Barry Gregory dude only spams your site, I don’t even know why he got past the 2nd try.

  3. Can we get some .gifs up in here?

  4. Works for me. Thanks!

  5. Someone said TV on the Radio/Prince? Um yeah.

  6. And I’d rather Taylor Adams posted this about my Jay-Z/TI/Kanye cartoon collab comment.

  7. IT”S FRIDAY YOU GUYS!!!! TGIF it’s friday!!

  8. To be fair, I find straight faggotry much more malicious than gay faggotry.

  9. You guys seeing any shows this weekend?

    Protip on your profile: Don’t post the entire url just the part after the forward slash, otherwise it links to something like!/!/chris_trash instead of!/chris_trash

    Also, do you guys think a stereogum twitter list like the one we have for videogum would be a good idea? If you think it is send me a tweet and I’ll add you. Maybe we are not as tight of a community as VG, but maybe this would help and such. Let me know otherwise i won’t do it.

  10. Inaugural comment! Woo! Gee, this is so amazing. I wanna thank Amrit! And the big man! You know, Dom DeLuise! And last but not least, I wanna thank Patrick Stickles. Woo, we made it together, baby! Love youuuuu!

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