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It’s a full-on revolution down at Occupy Wall Street right now; the contingent seems to be growing every day, with no sign that it will be relenting any time soon. People are pissed and enacting their democratic right, and there’s a lot to be said about that. The movement’s growing size has stoked a media phenomenon; now that a lot of people are reacting negatively to MTV’s announcement of a True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street special that airs 11/5 at 6PM EST, the movement seems to have hit fever pitch.

Many from the music world have gone down to show their support, including famous musician/activists like Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Tom Morello as well as others like Die Antwoord and David Banner whose purposes are not as well known. Check out the gallery to see the others who have visited Occupy Wall Street so far.

Watch a five minute clip of True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street after the jump.

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  1. It doesn’t just stop with True Life, either. Bunim/Murray Productions has posted Craigslist ads seeking Occupy Wall Street protestors for an upcoming season of The Real World:

    What I’m looking forward to most is seeing how well whomever the lucky cast member fairs in The Gauntlet against C.T.

    • i’d wager 100 bucks on CT against literally any one of the 10,000 or so occupy protestors nationwide. unless it’s a puzzle elimination.

      that’s right, i watch that bullshit.

  2. Wow, that Russell Simmons/Kanye picture is just crying out for for a caption. Russell Simmons looks like a meek little kid asking his big mean Dad if he can go play with his friends.

  3. Kanye and Russell Simmons protesting corporate greed and wealth disparity? Irony is officially dead.

    • No, they’re protesting a corrupted, crumbling system that needs fixing. These guys made their money because they created stuff. Too many people are getting rich by scheming the system.

      • So you are for wealth disparity? The excessive wealth disparity evidenced by these people has no excuse. Let’s say Kanye works 365 days 10 hours a day. He cashes 5 million dollar a year (and I’m being magnanimous with his working schedule). A guy works at a farm/construction earning minimum wage 12 hours for 365 a day, yearly income is $31,755. Kanye makes 157 times more money than the farmer. If said farmer wasn’t american the difference would be MUCH bigger (e.g., for the same amount of time a mexican farmer would earn $1565). No system that allows such catastrophic gaps between people can be, in principle, fair or just. It simply can’t. The consequence of thinking that way would be, in the end, that people are poor because they want to, because they don’t “try hard enough”, because they are lazy, because they don’t “create stuff”. There’s no “fair” way of making money in a world where a LOT of people can’t aspire to a dignified existence because of some people making shitloads of money.

        Take a look OUTSIDE of America and you will see people working their fucking asses of just to survive, that is, just to make it so they are alive the next day to go to work. Can you even imagine living like that? Can you imagine a world where more than half of the people living in it are in precisely that situation? No need to close your eyes; just open them wide.
        I generally try to be very courteous here but… fuck your apology, fuck your naïveté.

        I feel so ashamed of myself and of everyone not doing MORE to stop this. We have nothing to discuss. Every second passes and a opportunity to rise up against this is missed. These kids have risen. Let them rise and let them be realists and demand the impossible.

        • You make some good points, but you also have a lot of misplaced anger and flawed logic in here. The fact is people like Kanye West(entertainers/athletes/actors) make a lot of money because people love listening to music, watching movies, and going to sporting events and are willing to pay a lot of money for those things. I could see how any hardworking person who is struggling might have some resentment for people like Kanye, but I don’t see how people in the entertainment industry are to blame for their plight.

          The fact that rich people exist isn’t the issue, the problem is that George W. Bush cut taxes(especially for the rich) while starting a war which caused us to have a massive deficit. So rich people are ok(some of them worked hard for their money, some of them got lucky) but they just need to pay more taxes, which would redistribute wealth a little bit. This would also give us more money for things like health care and better schools in poor areas. There are a ton of rich people who would be ok with paying more taxes and think that they should(see Warren Buffet).

          As for fairness, there is no system that would guarantee fairness. First off, people are just naturally greedy and corrupt, that is just the way it is. Secondly, there is way too much luck involved in success. Your race, sex, level of intelligence; those are all things you are born with and have no control over. I know this is pretty cliche, but life’s not fair. Try to make an impact and get involved in things, but don’t get too worked up about things and try to maintain a sense of humor. I suppose there is a fine line between being passionate and just being an angry dude, but you have to try to stay on the good side of that line, otherwise you will end up just being bitter and posting angry comments on stereogum.

          • Yes, the issues you raise are genuine problems… but there is a bigger one.


            DC and corporations have become so enmeshed that it’s impossible to getting anything useful accomplished for the 99%.

            Everything is a payoff.

          • I’m not getting too worked up or putting misplaced anger my friend. I think I exposed a scenario and argued with my “flawed” logic. The only “emotional” part is evident, so please don’t dissect my emotions and do as Nietzsche: argue against arguments, not people.
            Also, I perceive as flawed and incredibly naive every vision that reduces what is clearly a systemic problem to just a couple decisions or persons (Bush was the bad guy, going to war was the huge error, corporations are evil, etc). We should all be looking at the very ground which allows and incites such epiphenomena to occur, which is our current economic system.
            As for “people are naturally greedy…” i would watch out for that proverbial weasel word: “naturally”. Just read Foucault to convince yourself of the absolute vacuity -and ideological use- of that word.
            All this talk about being born with a fixed degree of intelligence and not having control over it is plain baloney. You know Aristotle said that black people were “naturally” limited in intelligence and were near to being beasts, so it followed that they should necessarily be under the dominion of a “really” intelligent human being. “That’s the way things are… life’s not fair” the ol’ Aristotle said. We should all be very careful with what we say as we risk to being accomplices with causes we surely don’t want anything to do with.
            I absolutely refuse your advise of not getting too worked up about things. That is the way to go if one wants to actually accomplish something (cfr. the exhumations of spanish victims of Franquism, the trial of argentinian militia, Romanian revolution, etc, etc).
            Anyways, cheers and hope I didn’t offend you :D

          • I definately oversimplified the issues. To be honest, I don’t feel like I have a good enough understanding of the more intricate problems to intelligently discuss them. Corruption is a problem I’m sure. However, I do think it is safe to say that if we simply didn’t go to war in Iraq, or at least fought a more cost efficient war similar to what we did in Libya, and didn’t have those Bush tax cuts, we would be in a much better place right now.

            Agalma, you should get worked up about things you are passionate, just want to make sure you maintain a sense of humor and don’t get consumed with bitterness, judging by the smiley face at the end of your last post, seems like you are doing ok.

  4. Oh, those silly protesters.

    • Have you ever done anything as brave/ridiculous/shrewd/stupid/brilliant/principled as sleeping outside in a frikin tarp to show you stand for something.

  5. this is one diary i dont want to read! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  6. If you haven’t read Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals,” the time to read it is now, I’d say.

    • that book is ridiculously anti-intellectual. Alinsky basically just proposed to accuse and scream louder than those he’d argue with in order to shout down/silence the competition. competition is a boon to the economy as well as politics and any other format we can be involved in.
      you seem to possess some common sense so i strongly urge you to abandon the failure that is Keynesian economics and get familiar with Ludwig Von Mises, Rothbard, F.A. Hayek, and others of the Austrian school – where a free and voluntary society is encouraged.
      the collusion you speak of happens BECAUSE of Alinsky tactics. Wall St. is only capable of doing what it does b/c of corporatist-enablers in D.C. End of story.

  7. I actually find True Life to be pretty entertaining, kind of a guilty pleasure. I hope they don’t pander to people who have no idea what is going on by focusing on the people who are ranting about abolishing money and living off the earth or whatever and actually profile some thoughtful people who have a clue. Considering it is on MTV, they would probably be best served by not taking it seriously at all and just focusing on people doing it in tents and acting like asses, maybe have the Situation interview some people.

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