Justice’s new album Audio, Video, Disco ends with that most ’90s of devices: The hidden track. The untitled song is swollen, proggy, and organ-driven, and it finds the duo wanting to sound like Goblin way more than they ever wanted to sound like Daft Punk. Listen to it below.

(via 1077theend)

Audio, Video, Disco is out now on Ed Banger/Because/Elektra/Vice.

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  1. I can’t shake this nagging feeling that posting this defeats the purpose of it being hidden…

    • yuuuuuuuuup, cuz the whole point of putting a hidden track on an album in 2011 that leaked months before it was released iz ta be super clandestine an not get any media attention…dude, this is Justice, they bust the fattest knutz from gettin mad press

      • So if that’s not the point, doesn’t it render the idea of the hidden track pointLESS? What I’m trying to say is: Why bother calling it a hidden track if nobody’s going to go to the lengths of finding it on the album itself? It isn’t so much a hidden track anymore as it is a “song that follows one minute of silence”. A “hidden track” can’t really exist outside the album as a whole, otherwise it just becomes another song, or even just an outro.

  2. this wouldn’t be good soundtracking lighting a girl’s hair on fire.
    bros fell off.

  3. Wow. Author and everyone else are complete tools (except Brock who highlights an interesting point about hidden tracks). That is to say I’m not supporting the new album. Personally I think it’s mediocre at best for an electronic dance album.

    But this isn’t Cross part 2. You can only paint a Mona Lisa once, and as an knowledged-art enthusiast as myself, I understand that.

    And they aren’t trying to sound like Daft Punk. Nor Goblin. They wanted to do something original. They actually hate when the comparison & attribution to “that other French electronic duo” is made as well.

    My friends said to avoid Stereogum as it’s one of the shittiest and most biased independent blogs out there.

    Guess they were right. Peace tom, you farking wanker.

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