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Aren’t you just enthralled with this “Bon Iver” fellow? In case you missed his Oprah appearance, dude was born in the woods of Wisconsin to a family of deer and a Northern Exposure box set, only to be rescued by Rick Ross and nominated for 100 Grammys. [Fact check this later -Ed.] Really it’s a shame I already sold my Best New Artist vote to Stanley from The Office. And speaking of meaningless awards, our best and worst comments of the week listicle awaits your “topless Lana Del Rey hugging a cat” .gifs. Plus: the Internet’s 10 Best (?) Bon Iver tattoos, why not…



David Cozmo | Nov 29th Score:17


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#9  griffinfill | Nov 30th Score:18

Kanye not nominated for record or album of the year? Every year I tell myself I will stop complaining about the Grammys, there is no point to it, but they keep making it impossible. Especially because it seems like they are trying to become a little more sophisticated or something with their picks, with Arcade Fire winning and now Bon Iver. I’m happy that these guys are getting recognition, but overlooking MBDTF almost completely diminishes the Grammys’ credibility more than nominating Bon Iver boosts it.

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Sanjay Devarakonda | Dec 1st Score:19

If they make Bon Iver perform with Mumord and Sons I will shoot myself.

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#7  smokeallyouwantandseetheplanets | Nov 29th Score:20

“They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus/ That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes/ But if I talk about God my record won’t get played Huh?”
I don’t know if this really contributes anything meaningful to the discussion at hand but what they hey, we’re all better off hearing from Yeezy every once in a while.

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#6  HartfordTheWhale | Nov 29th Score:22

Subjectively, this is the worst list of all time.

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Jeff Cihocki | Nov 29th Score:23

@Paste, I know January 2011 seems like a long time ago, but you did review Destroyer’s Kaputt on 1/25 (and did give it a higher rating than plenty of other albums on this list)… so why the complete snub here?

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#4  ambarella | Nov 30th Score:27


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#3  The Aura of the H-Man | Nov 29th Score:27

You mean you would have expected Rolling Stone to publish Q’s year end list and not Stereogum? OK, but that’s hardly something to get depressed over.

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Christie Porter | Nov 29th Score:27

No Girls on a top FIFTY – This list is invalid. Sorry. Have you guys HEARD the Girls album??

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#1  Ocelot Stomp | Nov 30th Score:37

The Grammys have always had trouble with tricky concepts like ‘time’ and ‘music’.

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Diego Silva | Nov 29th Score:-9

This is one horrible list. Makes 2011 look like a terrible year for music. Where is Florence and the Machine?
Someone was smoking some good dope when they selected these.
^^I agree about Destroyer.

I am surprised The Lou Reed/Metallica album isn’t on the top of this list. GARBAGE!

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#4  takeitorleaveit | Nov 29th Score:-10

no STROKES? and i thought pitchfork was incompetent…

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Iffy Atbest | Nov 29th Score:-12

Yeah this is a pretty bad list.. for me the fact you have Jay-z kanye west album on here is a joke to me. I mean seriously that album could be the worst of both their careers.. Then you throw Florence on top of that, this is by far one of the worst list of all time..

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Ronnie Fritz | Nov 30th Score:-17

meh. sounds like they just tried to make a sequel to Brothers. I’m sure they’ll sell plenty of cars and jewelry and beer…

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Amanda Miller | Nov 29th Score:-26

wow. this is utterly depressing.

I would have expected this from Rolling Stone, not Stereogum.

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Nick Degel | 2:57pm Score:1

I would say her look has more in common with Jessie J than MCR. Did I really just reference Jessie J? I’ll see myself out…

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  godsdog | Nov 29th Score:1

All God’s creatures are exceptional, but Greyhounds and internet commenters, especially so.

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[Editor's Note: I agree with all of this ESPECIALLY THAT PROFILE PHOTO.]

Comments (25)
  1. Happy 30th, Britney

    Stereogum 2004

  2. I bet that the rest of re:stacks girl is super cute

  3. Just to reiterate, since it seems especially relevant because of its brand new video today…

    None of those Top 50 lists posted this week had “Black Up” therefore making them ALL Null & Void.

    Now can somebody get me a Bon Iver Gif/Tattoo ?

  4. We don’t like it when people want Florence on a top 50, but we REALLY don’t like it when people want her off of one.

  5. I am disappoint. I thought for sure that I would finally make this prestigious list with a clever Drake photoshop. You will be receiving a very angry letter Herr Stereogum!

  6. My pick for Editor’s Choice this week goes to Amrit. He seems to be a man of exceptional taste and refined culture.

  7. Ya’ll boned me by skipping last week. Best recognize.

  8. Ha yeah no love for the Drake photoshop “Day Care”. I got madd lolz from that.

    • That is very kind of you to say, much appreciated. I’m glad to have brought you “mad lolz”. I hope you & your family have a wonderful Festivus season (please remember to donate to your local chapter of the Human Fund).

  9. Bon iver should have been higher on this list

    • I learned the hard way today that submitting more than one link in a post causes it to go through a lengthy moderation process.

      The good news is today, I received the new issue of Alternative Press and it’s their Most Anticipated Albums of 2012 issue. Ceremony was highlighted, and it was the very first news I’ve read anywhere about what to expect on their upcoming Matador debut (due out tentatively in February.) They said it’s actually along the lines of post-punk, but keeps all the major tenets of hardcore in tact. Also, the interviewer asked if they believed hardcore was dead. Frontman Ross Farrar went on to say he doesn’t know what’s going in hardcore right now and hasn’t been paying attention — Ominous! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about an album in a long time or fascinated by a band’s next move. I’m looking forward to what’s to come and am intrigued by how outlets such as Stereogum will receive them (if at all.)

  10. Thank you, Scott. I’m now a little less embarrassed to know what Jessie J looks like.

  11. where the fuck was this shit last week this is fucking BULLSHIT MAN.

  12. Those tattoo’s are stupid, like Bon Iver’s second cover for For Emma Forever Ago. The original was better and it didn’t come out in 2008.

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